My Favourite Things: A Birthday Giveaway [CLOSED]

November 01, 2011

Happy November 1st!

November is my favourite month of the year. Why? It's my birthday month, and it's one month away from Christmas! But, today's post is not about me, it's about you!

I've recently been looking at the stats on my blog, and I get anywhere from 250-500 unique views everyday. But.. I don't know any of my readers! So this is where you come in.

To celebrate my birthday this year, I want to give one of my readers a treat from myself, namely some of my favourite things that I use all the time!

The prize consists of 11 different items:

EOS lipbalm (flavour of your choice: sweet mint, summer fruit, strawberry sorbet, passion fruit), fake eyelashes, China Glaze polish in Flirty Femininity, Sephora by OPI Polish in Blasted Gold, Tweezerman Harajuku Lovers Matchbox Itty Bitty Files, F21 Rose earrings, My Beauty Diary Masks (Birds Nest & Earl Grey Macaron), Pearl necklace from F21, Kiehl's Lip Balm & a Statement Ring from F21 (sz 6). Approximate value of the prize is $60 CAD, and everything was purchased myself, no sponsors!

Entering is super easy! Two steps!

1. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect
----> in the sidebar
2. Using your account, leave me a comment below
about how you found my blog! I seriously always wonder.
& maybe something about yourself if you feel like it!
I don't bite, I promise! :D

& for an extra entry, you can tell me what type of
content you'd like to see more of, or have me
introduce on my blog!

This giveaway is open to all readers internationally, and will close on the night of my 21st - November 23rd, midnight PST. I will choose the winner on November 24th using a random generator, and announce it on my blog & via Twitter. Winner will be given 48 hours to contact me to claim his/her prize. So enter away! :)

And thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog! It's you that keeps me going :)

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  1. Hi, I was going to join your blog anyway, then I saw your giveaway. Happy early Birthday!

    I found your blog when I googled "MAC Glitter and Ice". I have my own blog over @ Thanks for stopping by earlier.

    I am obessed with beauty products, so more reviews and tutorials would be awesome. Keep it up!

  2. Hello, I'm entering, thanks for hosting the giveaway :D
    1. GFC follower: Rindodo♥
    2. I saw your comment on other blog, your name caught my eye, so here I am ^^ About me, I'm also a blogger:

    extra entry:
    I would like to see more beauty reviews and your fashion style :D following you on twitter btw ^^ (I'm @SparkleApple)

    thank you~

  3. Awww Happy Birthday my dear. My daughter's birthday is on Nov. 9th so it's a special month for me too. Love what you are doing for your readers, this giveaway is amazing and the best part is you purchased them yourself so you put a lot of thought into it ;)

  4. Happy Early Birthday! You're so sweet, you're having a giveaway even though it's your birthday (: And there's so much stuff! Ahhh.

    I love your blog <3 I actually found it through bubzbeauty re-tweeting your review of her brushes. I read your other posts and loved it!

    I'd like to see more make-up reviews and food/restaurant reviews. Oh, and if you talked about the latest trends that'd be cool (:
    Keep up the good work! <3

  5. hi andrea :)
    i love your blog!
    each review is very thorough with awesome pics!
    and the food entries <3 love love love!
    if you were to make youtube vids, you'd be the next youtube guru sensation! :)

    i was wondering if you could do some tutorials?
    or just like your "make-up of the day"... if that makes sense =P

    i was also wondering if you could do an in-depth explanation of how you did your nails in the "Nice Stems!" post?
    it was back in september, but i really loved the way the nails looked!

    thanks :)
    & happy early birthday !

  6. Thanks for all the entries so far & your kind words, it makes me so happy that people enjoy reading my blog :)

    I will definitely keep in mind all of your suggestions! Good luck!

  7. Hi, Little Miss Andrea (I love the name of your blog btw!)

    I discovered your blog when I was looking for reviews for Chin Kee restaurant. I discovered even more restaurants' reviews in your blog. Now, I am hooked. LOL I also like your make-up reviews too. Because of your blog, I found out about the Swarovski Hello Kitty collection, the Sephora VIP appreciation box, & the cobalt blue skinny jeans @ Forever 21 (I have my eyes on the JBrand, but I think the Forever 21's jeans is better) I would not have known about all these if it wasn't for your blog! ;)

    I would like to see more fashion/makeup/restaurant reviews.....also, notifying us when interesting product is going to be launched....or even when there are good deals on products or services that you think we should all know. :) Btw, I think you are already doing a fantastic job with your blog.

    Happy Birthday and it's really nice of you to have a give away! It's also my chance to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. ^^

    Keep up the great work too!


  8. GFC: evil_eva12
    I found your blog via google. I was googling something beauty related & I saw a link to your blog so I clicked on it & I love it!

  9. Hi Little Miss Andrea! I found your blog while looking up Etown's worst restaurants. Thank you for your restaurant reviews I love food and fashion! I think you're doing great on the variety of reviews on your blog please keep it up if you have the time. I like the photography as well, what camera do you have and have you taken a course you would recommend? Also, if you come across really good bargains, more crappy/great restaurants, and great desserts I would love to read about it, thanks! I hope this year your birthday will be the best yet!

  10. I live in edmonton as well, its getting chilly now:(
    But i found you when i was searching for bubbi brushewws review, they look so pretty but im too poor to afford it right now:(
    I have a november birthday as well on the 3rd, which i share with my best friend also named andrea. Seems like im rambling but yeah i am just excited that i found a fellow edmontonian blogger.
    Extra entry: outfits of the days would be fun, just to see how you layer and stuff, oh and hauls would be nice since i can buy the same stuff as well.

  11. Whoo, keep the entries coming! I love reading all your comments. Good luck to everyone entering! :)

    @Carolina - I'm actually just using a regular Canon point&shoot camera right now. It's the Powershot SD870 IS. I haven't taken any photography courses at all, but I'm looking to upgrade to a DSLR soon!

    @annie - yay another Edmontonian! Stay warm, it's gonna show soon! :)

  12. I don't remember exactly how I found your blog, but it was definitely random! Either through clicking other people's pages/blogs or through searching for a review. Sorry I don't remember!

    I'd like to see more restaurant reviews and I also like outfit of the days and nail posts :)

  13. I stumbled upon your blog via Urbanspoon. Now I'm hooked! You post about 2 of my passions; food and fashion. I'm am always on the hunt for local food bloggers and so far I really enjoy what you've presented.

  14. Found your bog through your Twitter feed. I enjoy your food reviews! Unfortunate you had a bad experience at Lazia; I went there and found it pleasant. But keep them up!

  15. happy early birthday Andrea!
    i visit your blog cause you mention it in your facebook statuses haha, but i stay cause i love it!
    i'm a fan of your food adventures and restaurant reviews because i love food (who doesn't?!) but mostly because i love the local independent restaurants here in Edmonton.
    maybe do some recipes?

    something about me... if i buy anymore nail polish, particularly ms. lippmann's creations, i may just be unable to pay tuition lol. just kidding, but seriously!

  16. hi,

    long time lurker first time poster. discovered this cause I creeped you in elementary and later befriended you lols. i hope i win!

    more food in the future!


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