Your #YEG Summer Checklist: Top 5 Spots for Locally-Made Ice Cream in Edmonton

July 15, 2018

Summers in Edmonton have their fair share of heat waves, and the best way to cool down is with a cold treat. There are many different places to get your ice cream fix but you can't beat the unique handcrafted flavours made by some of the city's best. Here's my list of 5 places you must visit for locally made ice cream this summer.

Revolution Ice Cream Company

Revolution Ice Cream Co. came about when owners Jess & John wanted to bring the ice cream flavours they fell in love with abroad back home to Edmonton. Their ice cream is handmade in small batches with local ingredients then packed into pints and cups for purchase at various farmers markets around the city. The ice creams are creamy without being overly rich, and some of their flavours can also cater to dairy free and vegan diets. My favourite flavours are the Lemon Lavender and Vanilla + Tonka Bean, but their ice cream sandwiches (featuring Milk & Cookies Bakeshop cookies) are one of my bigger weaknesses.

Where to find them: 124 Street Grand Market on Thursdays & Sundays, City Market Downtown on Saturdays (Pints also available through SPUD)

Fan Fan Patisserie

While the name doesn't necessarily allude to it, Fan Fan Patisserie churns out delicious sorbet and gelato in a wide variety of flavours. The sorbets are vibrant in colour and the flavours really shine in each spoonful. The gelato, on the other hand, is beautifully smooth and creamy. I personally love the mango passionfruit sorbet and the chocolate malt gelato, but I don't think you can go wrong with taking your pick at anything. Each order is accompanied with a macaron cookie shell, so go ahead and use it to scoop up your cold treat.

Where to find them: 10330 80 Avenue


Old Strathcona's newest ice cream shop is causing quite the buzz on social media with their perfectly swirled soft serve and charcoal waffle cones. The Filipino-inspired ice cream at Yelo'd is unique and taste true to their flavours. Their secret? Using real, fresh ingredients in their soft serve ice cream base. There's nothing artificial here. Mangga (mango) uses Ataulfo mango purée, Ube (purple yam) is flavoured and coloured with purple sweet potato, and Buko (young coconut) uses activated charcoal and coconut pieces. Despite these additions the ice cream remains incredibly smooth and creamy, just the way it should be. Better yet? They hand-make their waffle cookie cones in house, stuffing marshmallow in the bottom to prevent drips. Genius, if you ask me!

Where to find them: 10150A 82 Avenue NW (Pints also available for purchase)

Black Mountain Microcreamery

New to the ice cream scene this year is Black Mountain Microcreamery, a hidden gem in St. Albert. Their cooler offers a handful of flavours, all of which are delicious - I had a hard time choosing just one! Bits of fruit and spices are evident in every bite and the ice cream has a great creamy texture. To give back to the community, a portion of revenues is donated to the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. Make the trek out to the St. Albert Market to try it for yourself - but don't go too late in the day as some flavours sell out each weekend!

Where to find them: St. Albert Farmers Market on Saturdays

Pinocchio Ice Cream Company

A veteran in the ice cream industry, Pinocchio Ice Cream is well-known in the city for their fantastic creations. Their classic flavours are found on menus throughout the city and their pints are stocked at a host of local grocery retailers. However, their recent collaboration in making Hawaiian-inspired flavours exclusively for Ono Poke Co. has me really excited. Each flavour I have sampled tasted delicious, but the black sesame and yuzu options are my two favourites on the menu. Enjoy the scoops on their own or as a fun creation in a cup or a cone.

Where to find them: Ono Poke Co. for exclusive flavours, classic flavours available at retail partners listed here

Honourable Mention:

Gelaterie La Carraia

Early this year Edmonton's downtown core became a home to La Carraia, a gelato shop which originated in Florence, Italy, in 1990. La Carraia prides themselves in making their gelato everyday from exclusively Italian ingredients (with exception to the fresh fruit toppings and the milk), and they have a wide assortment of flavours that rotate seasonally. The fruit-forward flavours are delightful - not too sweet, and you don't feel heavy even after having a few scoops, which is likely due to the fact that the gelato is made fresh in the shop with Canadian skim milk. While La Carraia isn't exclusive to Edmonton, they make their product in house and deserve honourable mention because each visit will take you on a tasty trip to Italy.

Where to find them: 10067 109 Street NW


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