Red Hot

July 30, 2011

A couple days back on my little shopping trip, I saw a red hot blazer that caught my eye. I decided not to pick it up though, thinking that I would never wear it. Lo and behold, I kept thinking about it, and pairing it with the clothes I have in my closet. With the enabling of my friends.. I ended up buying it!

The blazer itself I saw in the store that I never shop at - Dynamite

Blazer: Dynamite | Top: from Asia | Shorts: Talula | Pumps: Shoedazzle

They refer to this blazer as the 'Girlfriend Jacket', and it is very lightweight (97% cotton/3%spandex), perfect for the summer months and transitioning into early fall. Even though I'm pretty tiny, the XS fits perfectly - well fitted, with the perfect length. The blazer has an ever so slight strong shoulder, and tapers down in the front, where you can find two faux pockets. I'm actually so excited to pair this with more clothing. It's a beautiful statement piece!


Mermaid's Tears

July 30, 2011

I wasn't too sure what colour to paint on my nails this week. It's been gloomy and rainy for the past couple days, but I didn't let that stop me from applying a pop of colour.

Mermaid's Tears by OPI was released in part with the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection this past spring. As I'm slowly moving away from my traditional pinks and purples, I thought this would be such a great shade, as it's actually the colour I painted my walls in my room last year! The colour is a dusty turquoise creme, which applies smoothly and is opaque in two coats. I thought I'd change it up bit with the silver shatter on the ring finger.. perfect!


Seedless Lychee!

July 30, 2011

While my parents were on vacation, I satisfied my lychee obsession by buying a TON at the local T&T Supermarket. Not just 10 or 20 lychees, but I think I had over 40 of them. I peeled them all at once and left them in a bowl, not thinking of the consequences, but the next morning my thumb burned everytime I moved it! Even water touching my thumb was a horrible sensation. The verdict? Peel accordingly.. in moderation.

So, now that my parents are back from their adventures, they actually brought something home for me! You guessed it, lychees. But not just any normal lychees, they're genetically altered to have no seed in them! Inside is pretty much just the lychee fruit itself.

It was weird eating them at first, because my instinct was to eat around the lychee nut.. but with that missing, it was such an odd sensation! Of course, if you look closely, there is a very small trace of a seed at the top (black).

So producers haven't necessarily removed the seed completely, but rather shrunk it so small that it is pretty much nonexistent. Cool hey?

Capital EX

Capital Exhibition 2011: Midway

July 30, 2011

Following the culinary adventure inside the EXPO Centre, we headed out to the fairgrounds to stuff our stomachs full of fair food, and to play lots of games.

Hoodie by H&M, Shorts F21, flip flops, sunnies & bag by Coach

When I head to the exhibition, I like to be comfy and prepared! I have recently fallen into an obsession with all things coral. The other day shopping with the ladies, I saw this hoodie in coral.. thinking that it would be warm & comfy to wear for class this upcoming semester, I had to pick it up!

First up on the fair menu was a new addition to ridiculous foods available at carnivals: the doughnut burger. This little phenomenon is basically your everyday hamburger, with the bun being replaced by a glazed doughnut. I must admit I was intrigued by the burger, if you can call it that, but Philippe was the one that took the plunge into the doughnut hole.

Verdict? It was gross. The sweetness of the doughnut was completely overwhelming, and the patty was basically bland. A sweet burger is just a big NO in my books!

After some walking around, we saw another intriguing truck serving 'Those Wicked Waffles'. The thoughts of having a 'waffle dog' crossed my mind, but after having the doughnut burger, I just cringed at the thought of having another savoury food tasting sweet.

One goal in mind for me at the exhibition was to win one of the minion plushies from Despicable Me.. lucky for me I got two that I wanted :)

After a long night of walking around and having fun, we finished off with some fair food before heading home.. can't leave this place without having some fattening elephant ears! Funniest thing ever, was that the guy who ordered his elephant ears after me asked for napkins to soak up the 'puddles of grease'.. in reality, the puddles are the butter they pour on top. Think about that sitting in your stomach.... :)

Capital EX

Capital Exhibition 2011: Sip!

July 30, 2011

One of my favourite things to do in the summer is to go to carnivals. The crowds, greasy fair food, and just the ambiance of the environment gets me excited. Not to mention the gambling games and trying to win cute stuffed animals!

Every year, I have to go to both the Calgary Stampede and Capital Ex here in Edmonton. No exceptions! I know that they bring the fair from city to city, but each fair just has its own personality.

Although it was pouring rain in the afternoon, the grey clouds cleared out of the sky, and the sun was back to reside in the beautiful, cloudless blue sky! Earlier in the week, I had contemplated whether or not to check out Taste of Edmonton, since they had a couple new restaurants featured this year. But then again, for the past couple years, every restaurant has offered the same food each year, so I decided to switch it up. We headed to the Sip! exhibit at Capital Ex instead.

The food & wine experience at the exhibition is presented by various liquor companies, as well as Global Edmonton & Capital FM. Unlike the Taste of Edmonton, the food at each station is not prepared by separate restaurants. To tell you the truth, I don't even know who prepares the food! All I know is that the food is appetizing, and definitely worth checking out.

Each station accepts only tickets as payment for each portion of food, at the price of $1 per ticket. Of course most of the samples are overpriced.. but the food is good quality and mostly different from foods that you usually see. I won't do individual reviews as food will likely be different next year, but I can tell you that almost all the food we tried out was delicious!

Coconut, ginger & chili lime mussels (3 tickets)

Shredded jerk beef grilled sandwich
served with mango & bell pepper salsa (3 tickets)

House smoked brisket, pretzel baguette & black bean coleslaw
(self serve station) (6 tickets)

Inspired Welsh rarebit - blue crabmeat, Alexander Keith's
Premium White Ale; Aged cheddar (3 tickets)

Local honey & peppercorn crusted porkloin with Boddington's Pale Ale (3 tickets)

Potato & vegetable samosa with tamarind chutney (3 tickets)

Chicken & baby artichoke pasta with roasted
pepper coulis (2 tickets)

Bruschetta (4 tickets)

Chocolate cake, sour cherries, Kirsch scented cream
& chocolate (3 tickets)

Orchid mango liquer coconut ice cream (3 tickets)

Even though tickets can be a little pricey, I think the food experience at Sip is worth it. The food is yummy, the atmosphere is inviting, and it's a great way to spend time with friends! Can't wait for next year!

Online Shopping


July 30, 2011

About four months ago, *super late post, I know!* I finally looked into Kim Kardashian's shoe & fashion style website, Shoedazzle. With her at the wheel and her team of stylists, every month you receive a selection of shoes and accessories that they feel are most suited to your taste and style, based on an initial questionnaire you fill out when signing up for the website.

Every month, they charge you $39.95 for one pair of shoes, but you have the option to skip for the month if you do not see anything you like, and you will not be charged. It's a super simple concept, and I'm so glad that they ship to Canada! Although shipping and returns are free within the US, Canadians have to pay an additional $9 each way (only downside, I think!)

Anyway, about 1.5 months ago, I finally made my first purchase through the website because they sent me a 50% off code to use! Woo hoo, $19.95 + $9.00 shipping for a pair, I'm down!

I've been looking for a nice pair of nude pumps that fit, and are comfortable. For the last couple months, I've been looking high & low for just the right pair, and I haven't been able to find something I like until now. Enter: Chanelle.

After a mere couple of days, the shoes arrived. I was really impressed with the shipping time! When this pair of shoes made their way to my mailbox a couple weeks ago, I was super excited! Upon opening the box, I found that the shoes are shipped in a bright pink shoebox, complete with a matching pink dustbag to store the shoes in as well.

The Chanelle pumps are made of faux patent leather, and are available in black, grey and nude. When I opened the box, I was surprised to see just how high the heels were! They have a 1" platform for comfort, and a 4" heel. Holy moly, these are the highest heels I own for sure! They give me close to a 5" boost when I wear them!

I have small feet, and it's really hard to me to find shoes that fit well, that aren't too heavy for me to walk around in. The Chanelle style runs 1/4 size small, which was stated on the website. I was really hoping that the sizing was correct, as my feet are usually a size 5 or smaller. The smallest size available from Shoedazzle is a 5.5, so that's something to keep in mind for all the ladies out there that also have small feet! Make sure to read up on the sizing info before ordering :)

Last but not least, the Chanelle pumps featuring the Shoedazzle "signature sole" - A hot pink sole, mimicking the classic red of Christian Louboutin. This I could care less for, but it gives the shoe a edgy, chic vibe! It stands out in the crowd from other nude pumps out there.

I haven't personally worn the shoes out yet, since they are so high, but I have walked around in my house with them on, and haven't felt any discomfort at all. From what I have seen with my own eyes, the quality is very good for the price you pay. The shoe is sturdy, and should hold up for a decent period of time. I would definitely consider ordering from Shoedazzle again, just because of the great customer service I experienced, and the quality of the shoe I received. I will do an updated post soon on how the shoe holds up!

If you're interested in signing up, check my invite link here.


Shop til you DROP!

July 27, 2011

Work can be tough. Work can be stressful. But what happens to be the greatest cure of all? Shopping!

Jessica, Lasha & I hit up WEM after work today to shop away our stress and craziness from work!

I think we did a pretty good job if you ask me!

The ladies & I hit up Earls on Bourbon Street after 3 hours of shopping and had some yummy dinner! I think the last time I ate at Earls was about 1.5 years ago! Time really flies by fast..

Fettucine Alla Panna

Santa Fe Chicken Salad

Los Cabos Chicken Tacos

Two grilled white corn tortillas, spiced tomato poached chicken, melted cheddar and jalapeno jack cheese, avocado corn salsa, shredded lettuce and cabbage, honey lime dressing, chopped cilantro, salsa picante

Need I say this? The tacos were so yummy! Skipping the fresh cilantro, the tacos were amazing! The hot sauce on the side added into the taco gave it the perfect kick. The tortillas were grilled to a golden brown, but still maintained their soft texture, while the avocado salsa gave some moisture and creamy texture. Perfect!

Edmonton food


July 26, 2011

Today was one of the hottest days I think Edmonton has had all summer long. I was trying to think of ways to cool down without blasting the AC in my house, and finally I figured out a solution: Korean mul naengmyeon!

B-Bim-Baab - 9543 92 Avenue NW - Edmonton AB

I wanted to go to Lee House, because I tried out this particular dish there last summer. However, Lee House is closed every Monday, so I decided to check out a local Korean restaurant I've never tried before, and I'm glad I did.

B-Bim-Baab is located somewhat in the middle of nowhere, in one of the more "industrial" parts of the city. Upon entering the restaurant, I found it to feel very homey, with the big tables and carpeted floor. With four of us together for a late dinner, we decided to order our favourite familiar dishes.

The dolsot b bim baab was delicious here! The amount of toppings on the rice were generous, and the bowl made the rice crisp & delicious. Hot sauce added just the right amount of kick - I think I could eat a whole bowl of this by myself! Good thing they make the dish good, or else it would be embarassing to share the same name!

mul naengmyeon

My anticipated star of the night - the cold noodles I had been craving. Ice cold broth surrounding thin buckwheat noodles, topped with pickled daikon, pear, cucumber, beef slices and a hard boiled egg. Unfortunately, this didn't live up to my expectations. The broth was on the sweet side, whereas I like my noodles to be on the salty side. Adding vinegar and salt to the mix, things tasted better, but I was left thinking about the naengmyeon at Lee House.

chap chae

A common favourite amongst everyone at the table was the chap chae. The potato noodles were nice and chewy, perfectly cooked and not sticky. Packed full of veggies, this was a nice dish to have at the table!

Seafood Pajeon

Something I normally wouldn't have ordered was the seafood pancake. Andrew recommended the dish to us, and I'm so glad he did! The pancake was cooked to a golden brown, giving it a nice crisp texture on the outside, with the inside still soft. The garlic soysauce was the perfect pairing to the pancake, and made this one of my favourite dishes of the night. When you visit the restaurant, you won't be disappointed if you try this!

I will definitely return to this restaurant in the future to try out some other dishes. They have many unique dishes on their menu that cannot be found elsewhere in the city too! For four people, the meal came out to $15 per person including tax, so it was definitely an affordable meal too!

After we were finished, we headed over to Dream Tea House for some dessert.. accompanied by a game of Jenga. Our tower was soo tall and unstable by the end of it all!

B Bim Baab Restaurant & Lounge on Urbanspoon

bubble tea

Dessert House Round Two

July 25, 2011

Having been unsatisfied with my last visit, I rounded up some friends and went out for dessert!

Arriving at about the same time as before, it was obvious that business had started to pick up, as most of the tables available were full of people. Some tables even required the additions of stools to accommodate the space that chairs could not fit into.

We ordered an assortment of drinks and late night snacks to try & share:

Curry Fishballs

Curry Beef Balls

Satay Lobster Balls

Satay Squid Feelers

I really wouldn't recommend getting any of the satay sauce food items, simply because it doesn't really taste like they put familiar satay sauce on the food. It tastes similar to shrimp paste, but in the form of an oily emulsion.. It is simply placed atop of the food. Things would taste much better if they actually tossed the food in the sauce, like with the curry sauce.

Taiwan style coconut milk tea with grass jelly

This was my own creation for the night - the drink wasn't too sweet, and perfect when paired with the salty food. The only thing that really bothered me was the size of the grass jelly - the cubes were so big, I wasn't able to suck the pieces up through my straw! I ended up manually crushing them up into little pieces and things worked out better.

Honey green tea with pop boba

Green apple green tea with pop boba

Flat Rice Chezi Noodles

Ryan chose to tryout the chezi noodles - you can customize what goes into your bowl! You pick your noodle base (vermicelli, rice noodles, instant noodles, etc.), soup flavour, and toppings for $1.75 each. The bowl above features satay rice noodles with stuffed tofu, lobster balls and fish balls. It looked pretty delicious, but you have to watch what you're adding to the bowl, because the price goes up pretty fast!

Crispy egg balls

One of my favourite snacks off the streets of Hong Kong! I was disappointed that they were unable to make this for me on my first visit, but at least they had them this time! It took forever for us to get this to our table, because the staff kept forgetting we had ordered them. After 1.5 hours of waiting, we got to try them out, and they tasted really good! I would probably say they tasted amazing had I not had to wait forever.. The egg balls are crisp on the outside, but still tender and substantial in the middle. I think these actually taste better than the ones I've had in Hong Kong!


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