Seedless Lychee!

July 30, 2011

While my parents were on vacation, I satisfied my lychee obsession by buying a TON at the local T&T Supermarket. Not just 10 or 20 lychees, but I think I had over 40 of them. I peeled them all at once and left them in a bowl, not thinking of the consequences, but the next morning my thumb burned everytime I moved it! Even water touching my thumb was a horrible sensation. The verdict? Peel accordingly.. in moderation.

So, now that my parents are back from their adventures, they actually brought something home for me! You guessed it, lychees. But not just any normal lychees, they're genetically altered to have no seed in them! Inside is pretty much just the lychee fruit itself.

It was weird eating them at first, because my instinct was to eat around the lychee nut.. but with that missing, it was such an odd sensation! Of course, if you look closely, there is a very small trace of a seed at the top (black).

So producers haven't necessarily removed the seed completely, but rather shrunk it so small that it is pretty much nonexistent. Cool hey?

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  1. Wow, that is very cool, I just bought five pounds of lychees, and was wondering if they were artificially selecting them for small seeds as these have large seeds, the tiny piped ones are few and far between and incredible to eat ;)


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