Wok Box [CLOSED]

July 25, 2011

Back in March or so, Wok Box in Magrath teamed up with Groupon for a $20 deal for $10. Curious as to what the place was all about, Vince & I bought one, and visited them just a couple days ago. I hardly ever go to these Asian take out restaurants, mainly because I don't think the food will be any good.

Wok Box - 14111 23 Avenue - Edmonton AB

With all the rain that we've been getting lately, I wanted to try out their Vietnamese noodle soup (pho), while Vince picked out the new Hawker Street Noodles. We ordered Pad Thai as a backup, incase we would still be hungry afterwards.

Let's just say you should stay as far as possible away from the pho. The broth was dark and murky, not to mention half of it's composition was oil! The broth was so oily, I felt like I would have stomach problems after it's consumption. One sip and your mouth is slathered in oil, it's so unappetizing! I dumped a ton of hoisin sauce and Sriracha chili sauce in it to make it taste just a little better.

The Hawker Street Noodles looked a little better, but definitely were nothing special. The dish was composed of noodles stir fried with a sweet soy sauce, calamari, shrimp and Chinese sausage.. personally, I prefer to have my fried noodles salty and not sweet. Enough said..

The pad thai on the other hand was actually really tasty! Vince wasn't a big fan, but I enjoyed the flavours in the sauce. The most dominant flavour was lemongrass, and it coated each and every al dente noodle. The vegetables were perfectly cooked, tender yet maintaining their crunch.

I can't say that Wok Box is a place that I will return to often, but if I need a quick fix, I may be back!

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