July 26, 2011

Today was one of the hottest days I think Edmonton has had all summer long. I was trying to think of ways to cool down without blasting the AC in my house, and finally I figured out a solution: Korean mul naengmyeon!

B-Bim-Baab - 9543 92 Avenue NW - Edmonton AB

I wanted to go to Lee House, because I tried out this particular dish there last summer. However, Lee House is closed every Monday, so I decided to check out a local Korean restaurant I've never tried before, and I'm glad I did.

B-Bim-Baab is located somewhat in the middle of nowhere, in one of the more "industrial" parts of the city. Upon entering the restaurant, I found it to feel very homey, with the big tables and carpeted floor. With four of us together for a late dinner, we decided to order our favourite familiar dishes.

The dolsot b bim baab was delicious here! The amount of toppings on the rice were generous, and the bowl made the rice crisp & delicious. Hot sauce added just the right amount of kick - I think I could eat a whole bowl of this by myself! Good thing they make the dish good, or else it would be embarassing to share the same name!

mul naengmyeon

My anticipated star of the night - the cold noodles I had been craving. Ice cold broth surrounding thin buckwheat noodles, topped with pickled daikon, pear, cucumber, beef slices and a hard boiled egg. Unfortunately, this didn't live up to my expectations. The broth was on the sweet side, whereas I like my noodles to be on the salty side. Adding vinegar and salt to the mix, things tasted better, but I was left thinking about the naengmyeon at Lee House.

chap chae

A common favourite amongst everyone at the table was the chap chae. The potato noodles were nice and chewy, perfectly cooked and not sticky. Packed full of veggies, this was a nice dish to have at the table!

Seafood Pajeon

Something I normally wouldn't have ordered was the seafood pancake. Andrew recommended the dish to us, and I'm so glad he did! The pancake was cooked to a golden brown, giving it a nice crisp texture on the outside, with the inside still soft. The garlic soysauce was the perfect pairing to the pancake, and made this one of my favourite dishes of the night. When you visit the restaurant, you won't be disappointed if you try this!

I will definitely return to this restaurant in the future to try out some other dishes. They have many unique dishes on their menu that cannot be found elsewhere in the city too! For four people, the meal came out to $15 per person including tax, so it was definitely an affordable meal too!

After we were finished, we headed over to Dream Tea House for some dessert.. accompanied by a game of Jenga. Our tower was soo tall and unstable by the end of it all!

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