Friday, November 21, 2014

Skip the Dishes, Order In!

Over the past two months I've been noticing large advertisements in the windows of many Edmonton restaurants. It's the big red and white logo for Skip the Dishes, a start-up company based out of Western Canada. Skip the Dishes aims to push the boundaries of home delivery beyond pizza and Chinese food. Partnering up with local restaurants in 14 different cities, Skip the Dishes looks to offer locals the ability to order food from their favourite restaurants online for delivery right to their door at a specified time. Last week I took the opportunity to test run the service to see what they had to offer.

The process was easy to follow and the website was very user friendly. Upon reaching the home page you can type in your address, then a list of restaurants partnered with Skip the Dishes able to provide delivery to your address comes up. I was quite surprised to see what restaurants were on the list, as some of my favourite Edmonton restaurants were on there. Restaurants like Viphalay, Japonais Bistro, T.H.I.S. Place and Lan's Asian Grill popped up, just to name a few! Unfortunately given my location in the far south, many of the restaurants couldn't deliver to me. Hopefully this changes in the future, because I would love some of my favourite jalapeno yellowtail from Japonais Bistro delivered right to my door!

Most restaurants partnered with the website charge a $5-6 delivery fee with no minimum order amount, but there are some exceptions. Out of the restaurants able to deliver to my address, my boyfriend and I decided to try food from somewhere new. We settled on Thai Basil, a restaurant based in the west end of Edmonton. The website listed out the entire menu with descriptions of each dish, prices, and the ability to customize the dish to your liking (e.g. level of spiciness, type of sauce or proteins being used in the dishes). It was very easy to use and place the order, and through the website you can leave a tip for the driver too. I placed my order at about 5:30 PM, selecting the delivery to arrive within the time period of 7:00-7:30 PM.

Tom Yum, Pad Thai & Papaya Salad

Waiting is the hardest part. Shortly after placing my order, I got an email to my inbox telling me that a staff member at Thai Basil had verified my order and they confirmed that the food should be delivered to my door at 7:15 PM. At 7:10 PM I got another email update stating that the order would arrive at 7:30 PM, which was still within the time frame that I had originally selected. I was quite impressed with the timely updates that were given to me, and sure enough my doorbell rang right at 7:30 PM. The driver had the food in an insulated bag and upon opening the take out boxes the food was still hot.

Of course the food probably isn't going to be as delicious as if you were sitting in the restaurant and being served at the table, but Skip the Dishes does their best to deliver the restaurant experience to you in the comfort of your own home. Utilizing Skip the Dishes is going to be perfect for me on those nights where I don't want to cook, but am too lazy to go out and have a sit down meal at a restaurant. Gone are the days of just pizza and Chinese being delivered at home...welcome to Edmonton, Skip the Dishes!

Disclosure: I was provided with a $30 credit to try out Skip the Dishes. This post is 100% my opinion, and as always, my priority is to you, the reader, to present an unbiased, thorough review.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Makeup Monday: Make Up For Ever Artist Shadow

Happy Monday! Hope you're all rested from the weekend, ready and recharged for another week! Life has been a bit of a roller coaster lately - ever feel like the days are just passing by too fast?! Where does the time go?

Since I have such a busy schedule, I need my make up to keep up with me. This year marks Make Up For Ever's 30th anniversary and they've been releasing so many products that I am constantly reaching for. Not because they're new and hot, but because they're long wearing and put up with my 12+ hour days. The latest product to be released to celebrate their anniversary is actually a relaunch of their first ever product: eyeshadow!

Meet the new Artist Shadow collection: 210 eyeshadows in 5 different finishes (matte, satin, iridescent, metal & diamond), which took over three years to produce and perfect. The launch of this product officially makes the Artist Shadow line the most extensive one available on the market. Leave it up to MUFE to set the bar high! The collection promises vivid colour payoff and superior blendability and I am loving the performance of this product so far.

The product is available in single, duo, and trio formats which are fully customisable, as the pans easily fit in and pop out of the case. I typically gravitate to neutral shades and received shades S-556 (left) and ME-658 (right) to test out. Both are in the brown family, with S-556 being mushroom/taupe shade with a satin finish, and ME-658 being a warm bronze with a metal finish. The pigment payoff in these shadows is amazing. As you can see above, the swatches were done with a very light touch and came out highly pigmented. The consistency of both shades is soft, smooth, and easily blendable, giving over 8+ hours of wear before fading. Although the metal shade gives off a great shine, the satin shade has my heart with it's soft sheen. It appears as a matte shade in the pan, but it is easier to work with given that it isn't overly shimmery.

I had a chance to see many of the shades in the range up close and many of them are stunning. If you're in the market for new shades and a shadow that will last throughout the day, check out the new collection. After all, you've got 210 shades to choose from!

Available via Make Up For Ever Boutiques and Sephora across Canada for $24 (Discounts apply when you buy more!).

*Disclosure: This product was sent for consideration of a review.