What did you do this weekend?

November 16, 2011

Even though I was swamped with studying & homework this past weekend, I managed to whip up some cake pops for the Canadian Cancer Society group at the University of Alberta. Since Movember is here to raise prostate cancer awareness, the group held their 'Stache of Treats sale to sell moustache inspired goodies...

Let's just say I was pretty inspired and had lots of fun making them!

They remind me of a Mariachi band!

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  1. haha these are soo cute! how did you make them?

  2. they're just a basic cake pop - the outside was just my decorating skills :)

  3. onomnom... it`s making me SO hungry.
    LOL btw the last 30 min of my life was basically munching on cookies+milk and reading your blog :)

    how do you have such a huge collection of nail polishes!

  4. Aw, glad my blog is at least keeping you entertained! I'll make you some goodies next time you're in town :)

    As for the polishes.. it's an obsession and it's terrible! What I've posted up is probably about 1/4 of my collection. It's nuts!!


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