Black Friday

November 25, 2011

It's days like Black Friday that make me fearful for shoppers out there. After waking up this morning, I was appalled while reading all the crazy stories. Concussions? Fist Fights? Pepper spray?! Is that seriously necessary?

Yes, I understand that the deals are awesome, but is it really necessary to harm other people just so that you can spend money? Yikes. Stay safe out there everyone!

Anyway, something I want to talk about today is the latest brainchild of the Beachmint family which debuted today - Shoemint, headed by Rachel Bilson, her stylist Nicole Chavez, and produced with the help of Steve Madden. This latest online retailer site has some great potential in my eyes.

Rachel Bilson is one of my celebrity style icons. She's got a petite frame, and a great sense of style - she always looks so effortlessly chic! With this new collaboration, she will have input on designing shoes for the site, and the shoes will be backed by the quality and craftmanship you expect from Steve Madden. Each shoe will be priced affordably at $79.98, which is comparable to shoes of similar style and quality for upwards of $150.

But what excited me the most was the fact that it's Rachel Bilson. She has small feet! Her normal shoe size is a 5, so what fits her must also fit my small feet. After browsing the debut collection, which runs from size 5-11, the shoes are all listed to run small, with the suggestion of ordering up one size. Jackpot!

But the shoes I want.. are either unrealistic or sold out! The Edith style is a whopping 6" heel. 6" stiletto heel with a 2" hidden platform to be specific. So my second choice would be the Jolly wedge bootie, which is currently sold out. But I'm thinking this is a good sign.. I'm going to wait for the reviews and opinions of shoes to come out before I make any decisions.

Unfortunately for us Canadians, just like Jewelmint, Stylemint and Beautymint, Shoemint does not currently ship to Canada. I don't expect them to ship out of the US anytime soon, as their sister sites have not taken the initiative to stat shipping to Canada, even after being so successful. Stay hopeful, guys!

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  1. I want the shoes so badly, I want all 3 styles but you are so right, the wedge bootue is more realistic to wear but I simply cannot resist the other 2. Since the launch, I have been dreaming of these shoes. The thing is thy do not ship to Canada which is so upsetting and I haven no family in the states.. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Yeah, I'm pretty upset about the current shipping options too! I was thinking I could work my way around it, but I'm sure the site requires an American credit card as well. If I think of anything, I will be sure to let everyone know!

  3. We purchased the Jolly in leopard and ordered 1/2 a size up instead of their 1 size up suggestion. We found that we could've just stuck to our normal size instead of doing so. For example, one of us is a 7 but purchased a 7.5 and found that it was actually loose. Hope ShoeMint coomes to Canada soon because we really do love the Jolly wedge! See our blog for pics!

  4. Ooh, thanks for letting me know! I have pretty tiny feet ranging anywhere from sz 4-5 depending on the brand.. so I'd probably be better off ordering Shoemint's smallest size anyway, haha. I saw your Jolly wedges though, so cute!


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