OPI Holland Collection

October 27, 2011

Coming to you this Spring! OPI just released yet another collection on their Facebook page! And this one's got me really excited. There's tons of shades to choose from, whether tame & feminine or loud & bold shades.

1. Gouda Gouda Two Shoes
2. Wooden Shoes Like to Know It
3. I Don't Give a Rotterdam
4. Thanks a Windmillion
5. Red Lights Ahead...Where?
6. Kiss Me On My Tulips
7. A Roll In The Hague
8. Petal Faster Suzi
9. Dutch Ya Just Love OPI
10. Vampsterdam
11. I Have a Herring Problem
12. Did You Hear About Van Gogh?

They're slated for release early 2012.

Who's looking forward to February? I am! Well, minus all the snow of course.
... and it's not even November yet.

Photo credits to OPI

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  1. very pretty :)

    i have a question not quite related to beauty..
    i am interested in travelling to vancouver from edmonton. how much usually are tickets for you when you travel there roundtrip, including tax?


  2. Love all the colors. I love OPI, can't wait!
    thanks for posting.


  3. For travelling to Vancouver, I recommend you know exactly when you want to travel, so that you can look out for deals and book right away when one comes up. Check weekly with Air Canada & West Jet - especially on Thursdays since WJ has their seat sales on that day and AC usually matches the prices or makes them even cheaper! :)

    The cheapest I have ever flown to Vancouver was $150 round trip incl. tax. The cheapest I have seen as of late was about $330 ($115 each way). Definitely book right away if you see $99 each way. Good luck with finding a flight!

  4. I really like 5, 6, and 7. I always seem to like the bright ones. :)

    And LOL, can't empathize with you on the snow - I live in sunny California, and I've seen snow like once when I visited Tahoe.

  5. SO jealous that you're over in Cali - I miss it so much! Let's trade places :)


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