Changing Up the Routine

August 12, 2011

Tonight I went out for a shopping & dinner date with a couple of my lovely friends. What better way to spend a Friday night? :)

For dinner, we headed over to Cactus Club - surprisingly, for 830 on a Friday night, we only had to wait 15 minutes for a table. I was prepared to wait 30 mins! Guess we just had good luck!

To start, we shared the Korean style BBQ pork lettuce wraps - braised pork shoulder shredded,asian slaw, kimchi, chopped ginger and green onion, korean chili bean sauce, spicy yogurt. So GOOD! This is one of the newer signature Rob Feenie dishes, and I think it could be considered a main dish for one person. The meat resembled pulled pork, reminiscent of the flavours found in the sandwiches from Filistix, while the crisp lettuce was refreshing enough to offset the spiciness from the kimchi. I can't wait to have them again the next time I'm there!

Rob's Hunter Chicken

For my main, I deviated from my norm. No jambalaya today! Shocker, hey? I decided to go with the pesto chicken quesadilla to make sure I wouldn't be overstuffed, considering the size of our appetizer. The quesadilla was unique, in that it contained sundried cranberries to give a different flavour and texture. The sweetness wasn't overwhelming, and was actually quite pleasant. My only complaint would be the dry factor of the dish - the tortilla was on the dry side, and I wish there was more cheese melted inside! Otherwise, a very nice dish :)

Can't wait to go shopping with these ladies again! So much fun!

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