Tutorial: Glitter Gradient Nails

December 22, 2011

Coming from my post yesterday, I present to you a glitter gradient tutorial for your nails, just in time for Christmas! This post was requested by lilkiddo, after seeing the design when I swatched the OPI Nice Stems collection.

So many colours can be mixed and matched to use together for this tutorial. For Christmas, a mix of red and gold, or green & white frosty tips would look amazing! The choice is up to you :) What I would recommend, however, is to use a finer glitter polish, or a shimmer polish to form the gradient. It makes it much easier to complete the design and have it look polished and chic.

Paint a layer of base coat, followed by your base colour of choice. For this tutorial, I will be using China Glaze's For Audrey

Do you guys like simple nail tutorials like this? I will definitely do more if you guys are interested! And if you try this tutorial, let me know how it turned out! Have fun :)

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  1. Cute! I love doing gradient nails though I do mine without a sponge.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. this blue and pale gold combination is surprisingly nice! very pretty. ;)

  3. I really like how they came out
    I think that the color combo worked our very nicely :D

    & I really like your blog, so new follower ;)


  4. WOW, love this color combo, defo will try this out=)

    I think you should for sure do more of these nail tutorials, i love watching them,hehe

    I think you'll like this nail DIY tutorial too, check it out;)



  5. OHHHH!! the gold shimmer over the blue is SOOOO PRETTY!! so perfect for the holidays too!!

    merry christmas darling!! :)

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  7. ahhhh! thank you thank you thank you!! :)
    i will definitely try this now that i know how =P

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