Off the Menu

December 06, 2011

To finish off last week, some friends and I headed to Dream Tea House on Whyte Ave. We were planning on having shaved ice, which unfortunately they ran out of !! So we were faced with a dilemma. Give me a dilemma and I will shoot one right back at you! (well, only when you upset me!)

So, I asked them to make me something that wasn't on the menu. I was honestly craving shaved ice with condensed milk, so I asked if they could try to make me a condensed milk bubble tea. The first one they came up with tasted like vanilla flavoured milk, kind of like those Milk 2 Go drinks you find in vending machines, only with weaker flavour.

I asked them to add more condensed milk in it, and voila! It tasted delicious. But my lactose intolerant body did make me pay for it later.. But I think it was worth it!

On a side note, they have begun serving up food again! Lots of deep fried goods to satiate your cravings while you drink your bubble tea :)

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  1. thanks for the heads up!! GREEN ONION CAKES. ahahaha i know where i'm going when i land in edmonton :)

  2. But the bubble tea is so much better in Van! :P

  3. i am so jelly i miss deep fried HK snacks!! we had so many shops like these in san francisco.. but now that i'm in germany i can't find any!! GRRR GRR GRR i miss my weekly boba with salt and pepper fried chicken!!!

    hehehe thanks for letting me know about the boba when i visit berlin i will def make a point of trying to find a froyo place!!!


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