My Christmas in a Nutshell

December 30, 2011

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas spent with your family and friends. Just thought I'd post up a couple pictures to share with you - I'm so exhausted from the past couple days, but so grateful to have so many wonderful people in my life! And that includes those of you that keep up with my blog :)

{my glorious 9ft christmas tree}

{candy cane macaron}

{gift exchange with girlfriends}

{ho ho ho}

{my gift inside santa's pants}

{christmas cake pops for gifting}

{gifts for the family}

{my reindeer cake pops}

{a gift from the bf}

{mixed greens w/ tomato, basil & bocconcini}

{strawberry crunch from CL}

{jingle G}

Til next year - :)

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  1. omgosh so much to comment about this post.

    1. OMG how cute are those candy cane macaroons?!

    2. i DIE over the santa pants basket that is SO ingenious!!

    3. your reindeer cake pops are SOOO cute! you are so talented.

    4. how cute is your BF?! that necklace is SOOO sweet!

    5. your salad looks really yummy but what are the white balls?? tiny mozerella??



  2. Looks like you had an awesome Christmas! One of my presents was from Tiffany too =) Happy New Year!

  3. nice pictures :)
    I'm so glad you shared them with us

    That is such a lovely gift from your bf!

    AND those cake pops are so darn CUTE!! ;D


  4. @Lisa - I would totally make you cake pops if you lived closer to me!! The little white balls are balls of bocconcini, which don't really have too much flavour. They remind me of cheese curds!

    @PetiteLittleGirl - Thankyou! What did you get from Tiffany? The little blue box always gets me so excited! Happy New Year to you as well :)

    @Dana - Thanks!! :)

  5. OMG, i just sent you a quite long message but for some reason, i dont know why i dont see it! okay so here i go again, lol

    Firstly, from looking at your photos, it looks like you had a fab Christmas!!! And there's so much to comment that i don't even know where to start,lol.

    I love the gold ornaments on your tree, my tree ornaments was gold too!!! and boy, that's a lot of presents for gift exchange, you lucky girls;)

    As for the food, those candy cane macarons look delish!! I heard there's jasmine flavored macarons too,have you heard of it or seen it around? and what cute cake pops you made! i love the reindeer ones:) Strawberry crunch choco? Delish! I actually bought pumpkin cheesecake flavored kit kat bars when i went to singapore in nov 2011. Thats what i love about asia, they always have these out of the ordinary flavors for food!

    Your bf is sooo sweet! lovely tiffany necklace! i heart tiffany big times too, and i guess all girls do right?;)

    Yes, jingle g is lovely, i love it! my sis got it for me in london and send it over to me just in time for boxin day:)the santa outfit is soo cute! i also bought 2 other harajuku lovers fragrance - i got the baby and the music one!

    Okay, gonna wrap it up here incase something happens to this comment again! lol


  6. Cinz! Yes, I looove the gold ornaments on the tree cause it makes the tree look so glamorous! I haven't tried jasmine macarons yet, do they taste like the flower? I'll be heading over to Asia this summer & I'm so excited to stock up on all the different types of candy I can't get over here. I love trying all the different types! Thanks so much for your lovely comment - glad nothing happened this time when you posted!

  7. I love your cake pops! they are too cute. How do you manage to get the chocolate so smooth? I've made cake pops in the past but mine never turn out smooth, or my cake pops end up dropping into the melted chocolate! Any tips for another baker? :)

  8. Hey Vicky! For the chocolate, I would make sure that it's not too hot when you dip the cake in, and make sure your cake is not too cold! You want the temperatures of both components to be relatively close to get that smooth texture. It also helps to thin out the chocolate with some shortening to get a better consistency. Good luck with your future cake pops!


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