Below Deck

December 16, 2011

Hello everyone! It's been a while. I'm happy to say that I'm done with four out of my five final exams for the semester! My next isn't until Monday, so I snuck on here to do a quick post for you!

I don't own too many China Glaze nail polishes, just because I'm a big fan of the OPI formulation. I never have any issues with OPI, so I never decided to venture into other polish brands. But some of the colours offered by China Glaze are just so beautiful, so I've had a couple bottles in my posession that I've finally decided to try.

Below Deck is from the Anchor's Away collection released early this year. The nautical themed collection has a great assortment of colours, and I have a couple more that I will swatch soon :)

Below Deck is a grey mauve colour. It's almost like a mix of violet and a dark taupe tone together, to give a dusty looking purple. I never pulled this out to use until now, because it's a great darker shade for fall & winter.

The formula of the polish is fantastic, highly pigmented, and achieves full opacity at two coats. The only issue I have with China Glaze itself with shape of the brush. It's longer and slimmer than the traditional OPI Pro-wide brush that I'm used to. I had some major messy cuticles to clean up! I never make a mess with OPI, so having to adjust to the brush might prove to be a little problem.

The polish dries quickly and to a nice shine. Love it!

And just a reminder! The Tutti Frutti giveaway is still open, so don't forget to enter!

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  1. I love CG's colours but am not the biggest fan of their formula. Sounds like this one was okay though... the Anchors Away collection was one of my faves.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. oh i love it!
    (i am a sucker for any puple polish)
    you have beautiful nails. :)

  3. Another fab nail polish color!I see you are a nail polish- aholic, just like me!!!=D

    And it dries fast? i already like the sounds of that!

    I actually bought a Crackle nail polish from China Glaze but it was soo bad! The nail polish turned gloopy and thick really fast, like after using it for a month or something.



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