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October 04, 2010

I always like watching people make the food I eat, and the new Freshii located at West Edmonton Mall lets you see it all! They prepare the food right when you order before your eyes, and you can see the unique way that they put it all together.

I believe they opened early September, because I remember my coworkers and I gushing over the new place and their interesting concept. Their little space in the food court is brightly lit, with green and white decor, bringing lots of life to the dull, old food court.


At this place, they have a preset menu to choose from, or you can grab a little clip board, take a seat, and plan out exactly what you want them to make for you, using their fresh ingredients. Basically what they do is take the ingredients you want, toss them together with the sauces you choose, and turn it into a wrap, burrito, rice/noodle bowl, soup or salad. It's pretty interesting and I really like watching them do their job.

Short & Simple Menu

Once they receive your order, they scoop up all the ingredients into a bag, add sauce, tie a knot, and SHAKE! They shake it all up for a good while, to coat the ingredients and make them taste delicious. Afterwards, they pour it into a box for you to take & enjoy.

Warrior Chicken!

This would be the second time I've been here, and I ordered the Warrior Chicken to try out. This is it's description: brown rice, cajun chicken, sweet corn, red onions, diced tomatoes, carrots, and ranch dressing. Think it sounds gross? So did I, until I took a bite of it! The ranch dressing they use is very mild, and the brown rice is cooked perfectly - not soggy, not hard, but just in the middle where the rice almost has a bit of elasticity to it. I don't know how to describe it, but I think of it like al dente pasta. Al dente brown rice! Yum! The cajun chicken is seasoned well, and when combined with the corn and other vegetables, its a slightly sweet and salty mixture that tastes oh so good in your tummy.

Big change compared to the first time I went - they had just opened and the place was hectic! The workers were frantic and seemed like they had no idea what was going on - they were getting orders wrong, food wasn't cooked properly, and it just wasn't a good time. But after being open for over a month, they now have things under control and I can almost disregard my first visit. My first time I had chosen to go with a noodle bowl, but my rice noodles were so undercooked. They were hard and so gross, I could taste the starch! They also ran out of their lemongrass sauce so mine barely had any flavour. I'm not so sure I want to try the noodles again though, just in case.

I would definitely recommend trying out anything other than their noodle bowls, or even customizing something! It's cool to see how they make their foods, and they really do stick to their motto - "FRESH FOOD. CUSTOM BUILT. FAST."

1586 West Edmonton Mall
Edmonton AB

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