Filistix Pop Up!

February 23, 2012

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Filistix's first pop up. What's a pop up, you may ask? When associated with the culinary world, it can be a kitchen takeover by a different chef for the night, a temporary restaurant that exists solely for a night, or a temporary dining space where food is served in an unconventional place. They've become increasingly popular in metropolitan areas, and a few have actually taken place in Edmonton as of late. The pop up event took place downtown at The Common - an environment usually occupied by DJ's, mixing beats for partiers throughout the night.

Our seating was at 6 pm, with a booth reserved for Vince & I. The menu consisted of five different preset dishes, all Filipino with the siganture Filistix twist. I love trying out the unexpected.

If you follow me via Twitter/Instagram, you've probably seen the pictures of the amazing food already. But in enlarged form, they look so much more delicious, right?

Lumpia Pembina Pork spring rolls with a mango and jicama salad

Kare-Kare Braised Spring Creek Ranch Beef brisket in a rich peanut sauce

Adobong Liempo Pembina Pork belly adobo

Pancit Canton fried noodles with roasted chicken & shrimp

Leche Flan Creme Caramel

Out of all the dishes, I'd have to say the pork belly adobo was my favourite. So yummy with the added lime! The crew behind Filistix (Ariel, Roel, Kevin & Lauren) did a wonderful job for the night! Everything ran smoothly, and couldn't have been better in terms of having great food & company! Thank you, and hope to do this again with you in the future!

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  1. oh my, that port belly dish looks amazing!
    the fried noodles, too.

    i am not familiar with "pop up", but it surely sounds great! i hope i can find one nearby soon. :)

    1. You should check and see if there's anything nearby! I know this trend started up around Manhattan! :)

  2. Wow, the food looks delish! Yum! Thanks for sharing, hun :)

  3. love the snaps.. esp the creme caramel :)

  4. drooling my head off...I love pancit! and the flan looks so delish, mm....:P

  5. Yum! I especially want to try fried noodles.. right now! xo akiko
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  6. well! i m so hungry now!! they look so delicious!!


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