Emperor's Palace

February 15, 2012

About a month back, my family and I headed out to Emperor's Palace for dinner. I've heard mixed reviews about the restaurant here and there, especially when it first opened. Some say it's good, some say it's bad, some say the dimsum is terrible.. etc. I personally hadn't gone before, so I headed to the restaurant with an open mind.

Emperor's Palace Chinese Cuisine - 10638 100 Street - Edmonton AB

Emperor's Palace is located next door to my favourite place for pho - Basil Leaf. They have plenty of underground parking (which might I add is a pretty dreary area, it reminds me of the setting in the first Saw movie..), and the restaurant occupies a very large space. Upon entering, I was pretty surprised by the decor. The front area houses a golden throne..

They also have glamourous chandeliers and quite the impressive floor to ceiling glass wine case. Everything from the decor to the bathroom to the utensils has a classy touch.. but that shouldn't distract from the food!

As per usual, we ordered a set dinner.

Garlic Crab

Creamy Lobster

Stir Fried Green Beans

Beef Cubes

Garlic Pork Chops

The food itself was actually pretty good. The oil used for deep frying and cooking seemed to be fresh, and the dishes came out hot. Everything tasted right (although some saltier than others), so I don't have much to complain about. Nothing in the dishes quite stood out at me, so this is just another average Chinese restaurant. However, the service was up and down throughout the meal. At one point, we were out of water and tea, and it took forever to flag down a waiter.. next thing we know it, we were being bombarded by waiters, getting plates changed up and having them check in consistently.

The only thing that really stood out to me was the decor. Food and service are average, so don't expect to be blown away. Has anyone had a bad experience there?

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  1. OH LORD... I do believe your food looks yummier than mine!
    xo Veronica

  2. I had dimsum there when they first open and I didn't like it. I haven't been back since :P but maybe I'll give dinner a try.

  3. thanks for your lovely comments hon! :D I hope you find heaps of nice stuff when you go on your trip to Asia. always lots of cheap clothes there! ;) mm the food looks so good, the beef looks especially scrumptious. and how pretty is the chandelier? even if you don't enjoy the food I guess decor is always a saving factor (almost!) :P


  4. Food looks good though! It's making me hungry already lol

  5. the garlic crab and the string beans look delicious! :)
    of course, it is anywhere close to edmonton, but i had a similar experiece at a korean chinese restaurant with nice decor.
    everything tasted good but nothing stood out. ;p

  6. omgosh i'm seriously dying looking at this post.. i haven't had amazing chinese food since i moved to germany!! UGH!! your food looks SOOO NOMMY especially the crab, lobster and string beans.. i LOVEEE garlicky string beans!

  7. im totally drooling!


  8. oh my goodness the food is to die for! yummm so jealous! lol



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