Strawberry Cheesecake FroYo

May 11, 2011

Ever since I tried self-serve yogurt in the States, I've never turned back. Yogen Fruz used to be my go-to yogurt joint, but it's just not the same. Their set sizes mean that I am forced to eat the amount they give, and I always find that their toppings are not enough. I like to be in control, and able to choose what, and how much of it I want. That's why I love Twisted Yogurt here in Edmonton so so much (despite that they still don't have mochi!).

As I was on my laptop the other day, I came across an ad for Yogen Fruz. It seems to me that they have upped their game and started putting yogurt creations together in unique combinations. They even have soft-serve yogurt with fresh fruit now, that I might want to try out. But still, all their choices are in set sizes.

Anyways, they have creations like apple pie, pina colada, and candy cane, but what popped out at me the most was their strawberry cheesecake frozen yogurt. Say what? I knew I had to go check it out!

The frozen yogurt was made by blending cheesecake bites into the yogurt, then garnished with strawberries and some graham cracker crumbs. I wasn't a big fan of the graham cracker, because it gave the yogurt a grainy texture. I'd rather have smooth yogurt, with bits of creamy cheesecake here and there, no disruptions from crumbs, please. The frozen yogurt really did taste like cheesecake, and it wasn't an overwhelming flavour either. I like knowing that they used real cheesecake to flavour it, rather than a syrup of some sort. If I get this again in the future, I'm gonna ask them to skip the graham cracker!

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