MAC Quite Cute Collection

April 07, 2011

Ever since seeing the promo pictures from the MAC Quite Cute collection, I was so excited about the blushes! Whimsical, asian-inspired art and colour with a contrasting heart in the middle.. totally had me hooked! And today I finally got my hands on the one I want :)

I picked up one of the three blushes in 'Giggly', which is a fuschia pink mineralized blush, with a purple heart gracing it's centre. After a couple swatches, the heart is still there, and it seems like there's quite a thick layer of it embedded in the blush, so the heart isn't going anywhere. It applies on cheeks with a frosty sheen, as mineralize blushes do, but it's not as pigmented as I hoped it would be. The colour does show up on my face, but I am quite fair skinned, so girls with darker skin, this might not work out so well for you :( Sakura (a purple blush) from the collection seems to be a bit darker, so that may be another option. I skipped out on sakura since it reminded me of Overdyed from the Jeanius collection when I swatched it.

As for now, I can't bring myself to use this blush too much, I'm scared I'm going to distort the shape of the heart!

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