OPI Katy Perry Collection

January 28, 2011

Following the release of the new OPI Katy Perry Collection, I knew I had to get my hands on a couple colours that had been released. Despite usually being very conservative with my nail colour choices, the black shatter polish really appealed to me for some reason.

After weeks of waiting, due to delayed shipments, I was able to locate the collection and obtain one of the last couple bottles in the city. I also picked up 'The One That Got Away' from the collection, cause it just looked so beautiful!!

in natural light

with flash


You'll notice in the picture with the shatter layered on top, my pinky finger seems to be lacking in the pink colour. This is what happens when you apply shatter when your base underneath isn't quite dry yet :( Shatter will also dry matte when applied, so make sure to seal it in with a top coat if you want it to last you longer :)

Pick up a bottle for yourself if you can!

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