A Couple Extra Goodies

January 07, 2011

I was so excited that my Sephora Hello Kitty order arrived, that I forgot to post up the rest of the goodies that had come with my order, oops! I really don't like the fact that because I'm in Canada, I have to spend a minimum $120 to get free shipping, and pay extra for my products even though the dollar is pretty much on par. I guess their fast shipping & awesome return policy make up for it though!

Here's what I picked up!

Philosophy stuff as always. I'm always compelled to buy their cute little sets because then I can carry them with me when I travel, rather than packing up their heavy, large sized counterparts. For every cute set I've bought, I have kept their boxes! I think they're just too cute to throw out! *yes I hoard*

Philosophy Home for the Holidays Creme Brulee Set

The smell is AMAZING, right on point!

Philosophy Let it Glow Set

It's funny, the only skincare item I use from Philosophy is the Purity cleanser, I have yet to try out Hope in a Jar

Smashbox Master's Class Style Files

I absolutely love this kit! It's so nice that everything is separated, and won't be prone to mixing with one another. Also another great item for me to bring on trips, so that everything is kept together & I won't lose a single thing!

Harajuku Lovers Sunshine Cuties Organizer Bag

Adorable. How could I say no to this??

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  1. Hey! Just stumbled on your review for Delicious Delicious and saw your notes on ordering from Sephora online. I figured out something neat recently - you know how the prices automatically convert to the Canadian price when shipping to Canada, even though the CAD/USD is almost at par? If you want to avoid this, and if you have someone in the States that you can mail your stuff to, what you can do is buy a Canadian Sephora gift card (which stupidly, can't be used on online Canadian orders) for the equivalent amount of merchandise that you are planning purchase is USD, and you can use that gift card to purchase your stuff via the American checkout. This is, of course, assuming that you can get to a Sephora to buy the gift card, and have an American address you can send the stuff to. I was visiting family in Boston this past Christmas, so that's what I did - I had a whole bunch of stuff shipped to them, qualified for free shipping at $50, got some bonus goodies, and saved a good chunk of money. Anyway, hope this helps!

  2. Oh seriously? That's awesome! Thanks for the tip, it's definitely going to save me a lot of money, which equals ordering more things haha. Thanks Jenn! :)


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