One Last Summer Memory

October 20, 2012

Soprano tank via Nordstrom | OASAP lace shorts (c/o) | Coach Crossbody
REPORT Sandals via Nordstrom | Coach boyfriend watch & sunglasses
Cheeky Thought Double Wrap Bracelet (c/o) | Helloberry Wishing Heart Bracelet

It's supposed to snow next week. A lot. The forecast originally said 45 cm of snow, then it went down to 15 cm, then to 2 cm, and now its back up to 10cm. Sigh, Summer is so far away and Fall was way too short this year. I think I'm going to need to take a tropical vacation soon.. :) Pictures taken at Stanley Park's Second Beach, Vancouver.

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  1. All I have to say is CUTE! Love the photos. BTW, we're having Dishcrawl finally! I'm really excited!

    xo Jo

  2. Your hair is getting long, very pretty. The lace shorts are cool!

  3. love your shorts!!
    kisses from Milano

  4. loving those lace shorts! i went to H&M yesterday and everything i saw was lace lace lace,lol and i got myself a green laced dress and top,hehe

    It's still quite hot over here in HK,argghhhh cant stand it,lol


    1. OH Cinz, you and your green! :) And please send some of HK's warm weather over to me!

  5. great outfit, love the lace shorts! :)
    Big kiss from México.

  6. you look so lovely, i whish i had you legs.. beautiful pictures
    please check out my new post xoxo


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