Manicure Tuesday: Dim Sum Plum

August 07, 2012

Happy Tuesday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Some of you may think I've fallen off my rocker, but this weekend here in Alberta is a long one so I've been enjoying my long awaited 4 day weekend.. Therefore, Mani Monday has been pushed to Tuesday, this weeks new Monday!

For the weekend, I had my nails dressed up in another oldie but goodie - OPI's Dim Sum Plum from the Hong Kong collection back in Spring 2010. There's something about this shade that keeps me coming back to it every summer.

Maybe it's because dim sum makes me think of Asia.. where I wish I could spend my summers every year. Or maybe it's because this magenta-based plum polish is vibrant and lively on my nails in the summer. Take it as you will.

At two coats, the polish is completely opaque and wears beautifully for 3 days before chips start to appear. It doesn't have the greatest longevity, but the formula is so easy to work with, making application a breeze. Maybe that's why I love it.

Great, now I'm craving dim sum. Have a great day everyone!

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  1. I can never get enough of this color! Gorgeous! I'm still sad that we'll miss each other.:( Oh well, one of these days...we'll bound to meet up.

    xo Jo

  2. i love how you apply your nail polish. it looks professionally done!

  3. i love this color! i remember enjoying the hk collection!
    such a nice happy pink. ;)

  4. Amazing pink polish! Such a beautiful shade!


  5. Gorgeous colour!!! I just did an ombré nail tutorial on my blog, would love for to check it out!!!


  6. That is an awesome plum Andrea! I would keep revisiting it too. Looks great on you! Very rich, vibrant and it SHINES! Love it!

  7. what a beautiful color!!!!!!! i love it!

  8. That's a really gorgeous colour - beautiful xo

  9. Fab colour!


  10. This is a pretty summer (or even fall) shade and now, I want dim sum too.;D

    - Marie


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