Manicure Monday: Do You Lilac It?

August 13, 2012

Happy Monday everyone! Gosh, I start every Monday like this, don't I? Too bad, you have to live with it because I'm boring and unoriginal ;) The weather was gorgeous over the weekend, but dang, the mosquitos here in our city are horrendous. I have bites all over the place and can't stand to wear any long clothing of any sort or else I get overly itchy. So sad.

This week I have another oldie from OPI to share with you: Do You Lilac It? This particular shade came from the Brights collection in 2009, but luckily is a permanent shade and is available all year round.

For me, Do You Lilac It? isn't a true lilac shade, but rather has periwinkle undertones to it. Definitely more blue than pink to give it that look, but the resultant purple is beautiful on nails. The formula is perfect and application is a breeze with the brush, and honestly, you could probably get away with applying just one thicker coat. In the pictures I am wearing two - it's a habit.

The polish sits on nails for 4-5 days without chipping, and does benefit from a glitter topcoat. On my ring finger is Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It from the OPI Vintage Minnie Mouse collection. The shimmer and heart applied were so cute, but I find that the hearts are the hardest to control and apply. It's a great polish to layer atop of any shade, and I can't wait to try it over other colours.

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Oh what a lovely color.

  2. love the color :D

  3. Gorgeous color! I am in love with your nails!

  4. your post title is too cute andrea! you ARE NOT boring at all! girl, you have the best shaped nails. they're awesome. i agree with you, this shade does look more periwinkle. love the nothin' mousie bout it! thought it was a cute overlay. have a delightful week chic chic!

  5. What a beautiful lilac. Reminds me of violets. x

  6. I love your blog <3

    Could we follow each other? :)

  7. I always look forward to your Monday's post and I LOVE this color! The heart makes it cuter too.

    xo Jo

  8. such a pretty nail polish! I just went to sephora and painted all my nails with their samples. hahaha Nail polish makes me happy

    1. Haha, I really should do that some day.. it'd be fun to try out tons of colours!

  9. I love that colour! I bought Do You Lilac It? for a friend's birthday and I always always borrow that colour from her. XD That's colour's simply the perfect shade of lilac! =D

    ♡ M.May

  10. Yes, I think I will gonna answer, I lilac it so much! <3
    That's a very pretty colors, and I love the final result with pink sparkles nail polish! And the heart! So cute! <3


  11. the nails looks very nice :)) of course i following you back


  12. I love this color! It's absolutely gorgeous.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  13. I love your manicure dear¡¡ I follow you back¡¡ We keep in touch¡¡ xoxo

  14. GREAT nail color! beautiful!

  15. Hi lovely,
    great color!I love it!
    I just found your's so cute!!
    Would you like to follow each other ?
    I'm starting and I'm following on GFC and on bloglovin#53
    I hope you like my blog too and follow back:)
    Have a great day:)
    Fashion tea at 5

  16. I adore purple! Nice shade :)
    Wanna follow each other?

  17. i love how you apply your nail polish! super cute! and thank you for your comment


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