Manicure Monday: Red-y for a Pedi

July 01, 2013

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadians! It's an amazing day weather wise here in Edmonton, and I couldn't be happier to spend the day outdoors in the hot sun. What is everyone up to today? For my American readers - your holiday is coming up soon! Anyone have plans?

Fittingly enough, I have a red polish to share with you today to go with the Canada Day theme! It's an older polish from Nicole by OPI, part of their Kardashian Kolor line. Red-y for a Pedi is a gorgeous red polish, that leans a little orange. From certain angles, it can read as a darker coral polish, but it mostly looks like a classic red that can be worn on any skintone. The formula is a little watery, but spot on in terms of opacity, colour payoff and longevity. The thinner formula was very easy to work with, and was so pigmented that I could get away with just one coat. However, I did go with two very thin coats just out of habit and to ensure that everything was even and levelled out. With up to 5 days of wear chip free, this is a wonderful colour to wear on your tips for days!

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  1. It's a delightful red! Looks gorgeous on your nails! Happy Canada Day Andrea! We're waiting on the 4th here in the states. I have a little red ready for the holiday. HaHaHa

  2. sexy nail polish color and happy canada day :)

  3. Andrea, I swear when I do nail swatches, it looks nothing like yours. Omg, it just looks ugly. Haha. Anyway, love this color! You can't go wrong with classic red.

    xo Jo

  4. Great color . :)

  5. This color is so beautiful and perfect!
    Looks like magazine pics sweetie!

  6. amazing color. sooooo beautiful. i love it!

  7. I regret not doing my nails red for Canada Day! Especially being in Ottawa, I felt a bit out of place not being totally decked out in red and white.


    P.S. I've got a giveaway on ma blahhg.


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