Manicure Monday: Party in my Cabana

July 08, 2013

Happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed the weekend - and hopefully caught some rays of sun! I'm writing a final exam this morning (boo), but can't wait for my "summer" to start!

One of my favourite things about the summer is having mani's and pedi's with bright colours - it brightens my mood on those gloomier days, and just screams fun, fun, fun. Party in my Cabana is one of the classic shades that I have always gone back to every summer, because it's a bright, flirty pink that looks great on fingers and toes. The formula is spot on - smooth, easy to apply, quick drying, self-levelling, and wears up to 4 days chip free. What's your ideal go-to summer shade?

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  1. nice color! great for summer.

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  2. Such a gorgeous colour Andrea! I always want to wear bright fun colours in the sunshine too.

  3. That is a gorgeous shade Andrea! It's screams FUN in a bottle! I love it! Have a great week doll.

  4. Very nice color. Have a great day.

  5. I have that color on my toes. I love the bright vibrant summer colors of pinks, oranges and even blue.

  6. Loving that beautiful pink shade! Gorgeous nails! I hope your exam went well!



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