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March 27, 2011

While my parents are off in Hong Kong enjoying their time away from our cold city, my grandparents called and requested my sister, Vince, and myself to go out for dinner. It's really funny, because even though I'm all grown up and fully capable of taking care of myself and my sister, they're so worried about us! They call all the time, asking if we're okay, if they need to come over, etc. Best part is when they tell me not to drive because it's super dangerous, haha. I know they mean well, but it's just so funny. They made sure Vince was coming so that he would drive instead of me!

As always, grandparents love Chinese food, so off to 98 C&S Seafood Restaurant we went. I remember going there with them about a year ago after they reopened, and it tasted pretty good! I was looking forward to the meal since I was starting to miss eating Chinese food (so rare!)

CRAZY grandparents insisted on ordering the 6 person meal despite there being only 5 of us, and my grandparents' appetite combined equates to one person.. meaning we were ordering a 6 person meal for 4 people.. yikes. Needless to say, it was all in their plan to send the leftovers home with us to eat, so we would "survive" for a couple extra days. And the worst part? The food really didn't taste all that great. It's not that the food quality wasn't good, it was just extremely salty. It felt like there was double the amount of salt required to cook a dish! I don't think I have ever eaten so much rice or drank so much water in one sitting at a Chinese restaurant.

I need to find out what peaches they use. They were SO GOOD. I know that they were canned, but they had a firm texture, compared to the soft mushy ones usually used in this dish at other restaurants

Can you guess what this dish is? Its fish! It was deep fried fish, to the point that you had no idea what the heck it was. Doused in salty sauce.. it was like eating salty batter. So weird.

I can't say that this restaurant is really bad based on this visit - the food quality was decent, just that it was really salty. Maybe they had a new chef in for the night? I tend to give places the benefit of the doubt, unless they wrong me so terribly that I never want to return again *cough*LAZIA*cough* If the food pictures tempt you in any way whatsoever, go try it out! If you have blood pressure problems, I might stay away due to the high levels of sodium, unless you like to play it risky. Your choice :) For now, I'll be staying away from there for a while, there's plenty of other decent (not good) Chinese restaurants here in town that won't cause me to request for water refills every five minutes!

98 C&S Seafood Restaurant
10725 98 Street
Edmonton AB
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