Moksha Yoga

February 21, 2011

Since the beginning of February, I've been hitting up Moksha Hot Yoga here in Edmonton & I can't even begin to describe how much I love it. I have tried out Bikram before, but I find that Moksha challenges me a lot more, and the flexible routine keeps me interested and focused on challenging myself further in the practise of yoga.

I find that their studio is much cleaner, and larger than those at Bikram Yoga. No smelliness, no stench of sweat, just a nice, clean relaxing environment to spend an hour in. The change room is spacious, and the people there are great!

Before I started hot yoga, I always thought it was so gross how you would sweat out so much water from your body. Looking at the videos, I could easily point out numerous people trying to balance on a yoga mat with a puddle of sweat beneath them! Only until I tried it though, did I find out for myself that the sweating is quite rewarding, cause you get a sense of accomplishment, like you're actually doing something good for your body! I also thought that the sweat would clog up the pores in your skin, leading to nasty breakouts all over the place. But contrary to my belief, my skin has never been better! I drink way more water, and have had no issues with my skin ever since I started practising yoga. I love it!

Unfortunately, I currently have to put a hold on yoga classes because of school *sigh*, but I can't wait to go back! Anyone who is new to hot yoga should definitely check out Moksha here in town - they have a beginner pass for $40, which gives you one month of unlimited classes for you to try out. Go on, sweat!! :)

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