Cadbury Flake

February 24, 2011

Last week, one of my coworkers was over in the UK and brought back some goodies to share with us. She said went to the Cadbury outlet, which was filled with numerous delectable sweets and treats, sure to delight anyones sugar cravings. Many of the items they sell in there are the ones that didn't pass the quality test to be sold on the shelves of stores. Not to say that they are gross or anything, they're still the same chocolate, except they may be snapped in half or a couple pieces, which is unacceptable for their standards.

She brought back a type of chocolate I had never seen before - the Cadbury Flake, whcih is described as "the crumbliest, flakiest milk chocolate". I don't think I've ever had a chocolate like this before, it's really unique! When you open it up, it's a long piece of chocolate that was formed by pouring layers and layers upon each other, giving it a unique look. Some of the layers seem to have a little air inbetween them, which aids in the crumbling effect when you bite into it.

Personally, I found the chocolate to be a little weird, because I'm more used to smooth, solid chocolate. The chocolate falling apart in my mouth felt funny, but upon melting, it became smooth and yummy. I wasn't sure that it was available here in Canada, but just a couple days ago, I spotted it when I made a trip to Walmart. Definitely check it out, it's so interesting! It shouldn't be hard to find, given it's bright yellow packaging!

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