Occupy Common 2.0

November 17, 2012

If you've followed my blog long enough, you'll know that I love pop up dinners! Back on October 16 (oh my gosh, where did this month go?!) was Occupy Common 2.0, where five different chefs came together to put a pop up dinner together! So much fun. As the food will never be replicated, I thought I'd share some quick thoughts & pictures of the yummy eats from that night!


First plate of the night was by Chef Andrew Cowan of Hundred Bar Kitchen: pickle brined, duck fat fried chicken with kimchi & honey drizzle. Unfortunately, having to plate so many dishes meant that the chicken arrived to the table cold, and the skin soggy. However, there was no trace of duck fat smell or taste in the chicken - quite peculiar as it was what I was most looking forward to. The kimchi was spicy and crisp, but without the familiar fermented flavour, so this dish was unfortunately a miss for me!

Second up was Nathan Saurette's of the Enjoy Center's creation: charred brussels sprouts and lentil salad tossed with maple dressing, topped with porchetta and squash bread. This one I was dreading. I hate brussels sprouts with a passion. But after tasting this dish, maybe I don't hate brussels sprouts themselves, but rather my mothers brussels sprouts. The miniature cabbages were charred to perfection, while the maple dressing gave them a sweetness that paired perfectly with the smoky flavour. The porchetta was tender and had delicious crispy skin attached to it - the dish left me wanting more!

Next to the table was by Edgar Guitterez of Tres Carnales Tacqueria: steamed lamb shoulder with tamal de elote, chile de arbol and pumpkin seed sauce. I'm still debating whether this dish or Nathan's was my favourite for the night. The tender, flavourful lamb atop the soft tamal de elote was so tasty, I'd eat it again in a heartbeat.

Stu Chell from Amber's Brewing cooked up the fourth dish: stout brined corned beef on rye with a waldorf slaw. Let me tell you this, I was SO FULL at this point, I had no idea how I was going to finish this plate! Thankfully my food baby was prepared to grow and I was able to taste the mustard and corned beef together. It was a nice dish, but definitely too big of a portion to eat this far in the meal. Need I mention that every single dish had protein up to this point? I was ready to explode and was begging for dessert to come.

Last but not least was the dish from executive chef of The Common, Jesse Morrison-Gauthier: shropshire blue cheese with syrup & oat biscuits, rhubarb, celery and cherries. I was hoping for more of a dessert to end off the meal, but this one was nice too. Not being a big blue cheese girl, I did try it, and it was waaaaay potent! Where were my cheese loving friends when I needed them? Anyways, the biscuits were tasty - soft and pliable, and not too sweet. Topped with the rhubarb and cherry jam, I was a happy girl.

The next pop up dinner at The Common is happening this upcoming November 20, 2012. Breakfast for dinner! Who's in?!

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  1. Like You blog !!! I follow You, if You want follow me...

    In my blog, military inspiration

  2. lol.
    i hate brussels sprouts with passion as well (especially when I cook it) but this can make some gourmet dish!
    the last dessert-ish dish looks so yummy. ;)

  3. Wow, that would've been very filling! The food looks scrumptious though - lots of variety with the different dishes. I agree with you that it would've been nice to have a dessert at the end! :p

  4. OMG... mouth watering... Yummyummm :D
    Love your blog!


  5. Where do you put all that food??

    Sounds like I missed a fun night.

    1. I wonder where the food goes too. Probably my butt hahah ;)

  6. mhh yum, that looks so good! i just found your blog and i love it! there are so many restaurants that i've never heard of and want to try now haha. i'm from edmonton and also in nursing at the uofa as well! :P

    1. Oooh, small world! Say hi if you ever see me around! :)

  7. ah I'm actually hungry right now :(((

    Looks great !! :)



  8. yummm the dinner looked fab.. but bummer about the fried chicken.. it LOOKS amazing in the photograph.. and it sounded like it was going to be soo good too i mean serious duck fat fried chicken?!

    haha so funny i've never been a fan of brussel sprouts too until i started eating them in fancier restaurants too.. and i realize basically anything fried in butter, oil and bacon is amazing.. and brussel sprouts are ESPECIALLY good base for absorbing all that delicious butter, oil and bacon hahahaha.


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