Five Guys Burgers & Fries

June 30, 2012

Back in the day, Sherwood Park felt so far away from where I live in the South side. Hell, it still feels that way. Downtown & the North side of Edmonton are SO foreign to me even to this day. I almost feel like I've only ever been in the South side my whole entire life.

Five Guys Burgers & Fries - 100 Sierra Springs Drive - Airdrie, AB

Then came the day when I was watching Unwrapped on the Food Network maybe two years ago during the summer, and seeing Five Guys Burgers & Fries being featured changed my life! When I heard that a location was going to hit Sherwood Park, it was almost enough for me to venture out there. Almost.

Recently, a new location has opened up in the South side! The five guys made a good move. But instead of fighting the crowds on opening weekend in Edmonton, I visited the Airdrie location beforehand.

Five guys promises a fresh burger, made to order the way you like it. At all their locations, there are no freezers on hand, but rather coolers.. so that your patties are always fresh and never frozen. Vince and I had arrived shortly after 2:30 in the afternoon, and while the restaurant wasn't packed, it was still substantially busy. After we arrived is when things started to heat up. A line started to form behind us, and we were glad we arrived when we did!

Like other fast food joints, you line up, and choose the burger you want, with the toppings of your choice. They don't have any preset burger choices, and all the toppings you choose are free. Go crazy! Their regular burgers are served with two patties, and for those who don't have a huge appetite, the 'little' versions are served with just one.

One thing that should be noted, is that they are not contained in a nut-free environment. These five guys are famous for using pure peanut oil for cooking, and the restaurant itself is laden with boxes upon boxes of peanuts for your enjoyment. Eat up & get your fix! It does say on their website, that while they do not wish to purposefully exclude guests from their restaurants, the peanuts have become a part of their identity and they will continue to serve them as long as they are open. Many restaurants site the usage of peanut oils due to it's chemical properties. Peanut oil has a higher smoking point, leading to a crispier, deep fried end product with a unique taste.

Vince and I chose to go for the Cheeseburger, dressed the way we like it, and the cajun style fries along with a drink. With the pop, you are expected to serve yourself and the refills are free. Totally gives you something to do while you wait for your order. Or you could just gorge on peanuts like I did. Your choice.

Our order took a little over 4 minutes for us to pick up, and upon first bite into the burger, the patty was tender and juicy, and tasted fantastic. The cajun style fries on the other hand weren't exactly crispy the way I had expected them to be. The short ones were crisp, but the longer ones couldn't hold their shape, and were a little limp as seen in the picture above. I wonder if it's due to the fact that they had to be seasoned? In the future I'd definitely want to try them plain to see how well they are on their own.

All in all, it was a yummy burger and I would return. For a burger, fries, and drink, it came out to around $13, which isn't asking for much when you consider how much you would pay at a sit down restaurant at lunch for the same thing.

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  1. omg that actually look so delicious you had me drooling over my keyboard! :D

  2. did someone say burgers and fries? hahaha just mention food and i'll come running! what a great price and you get LOTS of food. definitely try the fries plain. overall it sounds really good!

  3. I feel like a midnight snack right about now. The burger and cajun fries look so yummy:)

  4. i am not a big fan of burgers but they look yummay! it is interesting they have peanuts in the menu. heh heh

  5. yum! yum! lurv peanuts but they cause harm on my face lol

  6. Yum! Too bad we don't have this joint here in Dubai.. we only have Fat Burger ;D Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

    Come and see my latest post 'INTO THE BLUE' here:

  7. There's a Five Guys near me and I LOVE it! So delicious!

    The Tiny Heart
    Win a custom clutch!

  8. ooh, i love this place! i pig out every time i go. :)

    thanks for your visit and comment. you have a new follower. :)


  9. awww love!! 5 guys originated from around where i live.. i've been eating them since i was in high school.. i'm ecstatic that you guys are eating them in CANADA now!! that is seriously mind blowing.. but yeah ditto.. the fries are just ehhh i always go when i'm craving a big juicy cheeseburger.. with bacon.. and guac.. maybe some mushrooms.. oy i'm hungry now bahahahahah

    1. HAHA, I know.. everything comes to Canada SUPER late! Just glad I finally had it. Now.. if only In-N-Out would branch up here too my life would be complete!

  10. OH MY GOSH five guys is the best place everrrr but now that i moved there is none around and it makes me so sad :(


  11. I've heard great things about this chain, but I still haven't been to it yet. But then again, there aren't any in my area, so I don't really have the opportunity to... lol.

  12. I just went thru your blog and its amazing.. loved it ! Ill follow you and show me some love and follow back :D
    Hope to hear from you soon !
    love xoxo


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