January 19, 2012

What colour do you think of when you hear the word temptation? I think of green & red. Cause the word temptation makes me think of Adam and Eve in the garden.. tempted by the apples on the tree. Am I weird? Haha

Anyway, I'm totally okay if temptation is purple. Especially the Temptation shade from the OPI Designer Series! The OPI Designer Series are a special line of nail lacquers formulated with diamond dust, giving each shade high shine, shimmer, and a holographic finish.

DS Temptation is my very first purchase from the line, and wow, this shade is a glitter party on your nails. Within a pale blue base is tons of glitter in different sizes and shapes: purple, blue, green, silver, and a hint of pink.

What surprised me with the formula was the density of the particles. Each coat applied quite sheer, when I expected it to be dense and full of sparkle like the colour seen in the bottle. Due to this formulation, I had to apply a full four coats to attain opacity. In addition, the polish dried quite gritty - this one is a topcoat eater! I needed two coats of topcoat to eliminate the rough feeling. I likely would need a third to fully smooth out the polish.

Nonetheless, this colour is gorgeous. But... a pain to remove. Definitely use the foil method to avoid headaches during polish removal. The polish wore very well, with minimal tip wear for a whole week. The Designer Series line is a tad more expensive than the regular OPI polish line, but for this shade, I would say the extra money is worth it. The shade amazing on nails, and so difficult to ignore!

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  1. Beautiful!!! Love the color ♥
    I'm planning to do a post about glittery nails and this looks sooo glittery and beautiful!

  2. Such a beautiful colour, sucks that the formulation wasn't that great though! I own the OPI DS Extravagance but I haven't used that yet - hopefully its formula is better!

  3. Can't go wrong with purple + sparkle :)

  4. I definitely wouldn't have guessed "Temptation" being a glittery purple! It's GORGEOUS!!!! But darn those glitters...why must they be a pain to remove!!!

  5. thx for your nice comment on my blog :)

    In Germany, we haven't a real winter this year...but maybe the winter will come...I hope it :)
    Now it is raining the most time: (

    And you have a real winter?

    Very nice nail polish... :)

    If you like my blog I hope you gonna be my next follower..If you want :)

    Wish you a nice weekend

  6. That is such a gorgeous color!! I've never heard of the foil method but I should check it out because I like to paint on glitter polish often but it's so annoying for me to take it off!

  7. it is indeed gorgeous color! i was never a fan of opi polishes but their designer series is something else. :)

  8. Love that funky colour, by the way you have beautiful nails. x


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