Happy New Year & Giveaway Winners

January 01, 2012

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!! Hope all of you had a wonderful New Years Eve, spending time with family or friends welcoming 2012 into your lives. Mine was probably much less extravagant, as I've come down with the stomach flu. Womp womp.

But that's okay! I'm recovering well and sipping my ginger ale as I write this post.

First of all, I want to announce the winners of the Tutti Frutti Gift Card Giveaway:

Diane L. & Nino R.

Congratulations! Please send me an email within 48 hours (littlemissandreablog@gmail.com) to identify yourselves and claim your prize. You must send the email through the address you used to enter the giveaway for verification purposes.

Thank you to everyone for entering the giveaway. I'd say it was very successful and I have more planned for you in the future! Everyone's support for this blog amazes me everyday and I'm so glad to have you all with me on this journey through blogging.

Secondly, I've set out some New Year's Resolutions for this blog & for myself:

- Have at least 2 posts written per week
- Start working on writing recipes and more cooking adventures
- More tutorials this year!
- Get through and review my pile of untried products

- Work hard in my last semester of undergrad & enter into my program of choice
- Get back into yoga at least 1x per week
- Read more books outside of school
- Work on budgeting and keep my spending to a minimum (this year my income was < my spending!)
- Save up $$ for my trip to Asia this summer

Nothing too big, but I find that setting goals for myself and attempting to attain them is better than not setting guidelines out for myself at all. And the sense of accomplishment when you achieve something is like no other. Did you set any resolutions for yourself this year? Let me know!

I wish you all a year of joy, love, health and happiness. Shoot for the stars & attain all that you desire. Cheers to what I hope will be the best year of our lives thus far!

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  1. ditto on the yoga! sounds like a great resolution list!
    i'm following u now, hope u'll follow back doll! <3

  2. Wishing you a very happy new year as well!!!! I love the NY resolution you've put down! I have still not put mine into writing yet. I guess one of it would be to stay healthy? considering i had a slight fever and sore throat like right before count down when i was at home, lol. Yes, what a way to start 2012!!! and i hope you are feeling a lot better as well.

    I agree with your resoltions on the spending, i got that problem too, haha and yes, i definitely wanna try more cooking recipes too but i'm soo darn lazy:P

    All the best to 2012 and may it be filled with a lot of positivity:)


  3. @SxC - Love yoga! Especially hot yoga, it's so relaxing and you feel amazing afterwards!

    @Cinz - staying healthy should definitely be on the list! Being sick is one of the worst feelings in the world. I seriously would much rather be in a difficult situation than have a sore throat.. lol. We should keep each other's spending in check! Happy New Year, love! :)

  4. Happy 2012!! Hope it's a wonderful year for you!
    Setting small-ish, achievable goals is great, because it means you will improve your life without feeling pressured!
    I'm planning to get back into yoga and pilates this year as well!

  5. Oh man - hope you are feeling better my dear! Stomach flu stinks!

    I've never tried yoga before but want to try it out this year ;)

    Happy 2012!


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