January 28, 2012

So I've recently started to have a liking for Instagram. No, scratch that. I'm loving it.

I always thought Instagram was too hip for me.. until I tried it. Now I want to insta-everything. Just thought I'd post a couple snippets of my week, and what's to come in upcoming posts for you!

Chocolate Chip & Peanut comfort cookies - Recipe soon!

Learned about worms in my Medical Microbiology class..
then the prof handed out worms for everyone to eat!

Red Velvet Cupcakes - Recipe soon!

Curiousity Cola tastes just like the Coca Cola bottle gummies!

Making chocolate macarons - recipe soon :)

Coach x Tony Duquette cuff bracelet.. which did not fit :(

Tutti Frutti lychee frozen yogurt with mango, mango jelly & mochi

Used the Naked2 Palette - tutorial soon!

Grande iced coffee with milk & 3 pumps white mocha syrup - my new best friend

Don't think my nerd face has hit this blog yet. Enjoy 8)

Find me on Instagram - littlemissandrea
I'd love to see your pictures too! Leave me your username in the comments below :)

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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  1. if i understand it right, instagram is only for iphone, no?
    i love these a little bit faded softe pictures.
    looking forward to your new posts, Andrea!

    have a nice day!

    (btw, what is the font you used for gadgets on this blog? (date,contact,disclaimer, etc) very pretty. i am a bit obsessed with fonts. lol)

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures :)

    I'm looking forward to those recipes in future posts


  3. Instagram is so addictive, isn't it? My username is alison_elle :)

    xo, alison*elle

  4. wow ! you write some recipe?
    you're great ! cant wait <3
    mind to follow each other my dear ?


  5. Andrea, you are such a doll girl! You look cute in your glasses. Your professor is the best. I was a biology/chem major and mine never did that. LOL I love instagram. I used it with my other blog. So I'm just opening an account for my new one. Stay sweet and hope you're having an awesome weekend.

  6. MMM food! I can't wait for all the new posts! Is the Starbucks coffee the 'Vietnamese Coffee' Steph from DSK Jewelry talked about? It sounds so good, I have to try it! :)

  7. These are great photos! You put a creative spin on everyday things and its awesome. Reminds me that I should use my instagram more often! Great blog!


  8. @Lena - yes, I believe it's only for iPhone.. time to convert! The font I'm using right now is GFS Neohellenic :)

    @Kim - When you start up your new account, let me know! :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend as well! <3

    @Annie - yeeees! I'm obsessed with her coffee combo now!

    @Connie - thankyou!

  9. Cute post! The cookies and all the sweets look soooo delicious!! And that bracelet is amazing!!

  10. ohh that bracelet looks awesome! and yaa I would love some milk and cookies right now yum

  11. love instagram:)

    thanks for the comment on my blog x


  12. oh i love instagram posts!!!! It's such a great way to get to know a blogger at a more personally level=)

    I love the cookies and milk photo, looks delish!red velvet cupcake and froyo are my fave too!!!

    Too bad you didn't fit the Coach braclet, it looks gorge!

    And i cant wait for your eye make up tutorial, i love that bronzy shimmery effect;)

    Happy instagraming!!!

    p.s. A bit late but wanna wish you a happy chinese new year and wishing you good health,wealth, and joy in the dragon year!!:)


  13. i'm obsessed with instagram! i actually have a pack of sour gummi worms next to me as i surf the web. xx

  14. I very much love your bracelet, so glamorous! I'm all about nails so if you're interested in nail tutorials, please give me a visit ;)


  15. Hi, many thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.
    I think that you have had a great week, those choco cookies look soo yummy! I will be looking forward to that recepie :) I am happy to be your newest follower. Xx
    Alice Barton ♥ The Mow Way

  16. you are SOO adorbs in glasses! haha i may be partial because i wear glasses everyday but you are SERIOUSLY cute in glasses!

    aww i'm so bummed the tony x coach collab bracelet didn't work out for you it's so badass!!

    yumm i can't wait to see your baking recipes those red velvet cupcakes look SOO NOMMY!

  17. so many people use instagram! too many to keep up with lol

  18. That coach cuff is incredibly beautiful!! I love the detail!

    Thanks for stopping by and showing love! I am now following so feel free to follow back :)


  19. I have instagram as well & yes I agree, it is a very lovable application specially with the effects we are able to get instantly without having to go through photoshop. Life is a bit easier because of instagram!


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