Another Denny's to Add to the Map!

September 20, 2010

Being Asian, the radar goes off when you see a good deal, or even better, FREE THINGS! That's exactly what went off in my dad's mind when he saw an ad in the paper yesterday..

To celebrate the opening of the new Denny's in Sherwood Park, the restaurant was offering free original grand slams from 7am - 2pm at just that location. Okay, so let's do some math. I live in the South end of the city, and driving all the way to Sherwood Park takes about 20-25 minutes. If my dad brought my mom, my aunt, me, and himself all the way to the restaurant, was the trip worth it? HAHA, just kidding. I would say I guess it was worth it, since we had some valuable family time! That time included me glaring at him for being so cheap ass and trying to get him to drive me quickly all the way to campus to make it in time for lecture.

Anyway, we headed out around 9:30, because my dad thought that it wouldn't be too busy. According to him, everyone will be at their jobs by 10 and the restaurant should be pretty dead, and I should be able to get to class on time by 11. Okay, so I trusted him, and when we got there, the parking lot was FULL. Heading into the restaurant, there was a long, long line up to get to the front where the hostess was! So much for being a quiet restaurant around 10, he forgot to account for all the elderly Edmontonians that love breakfast and taking their time!

We were seated by 10:05, and knew we needed to order fast! Our waitress was so sweet and friendly, she was perfect for the job! Each of us ordered our grand slams, and they arrived so fast, likely because they were being mass produced! Drinks had to be purchased on the side, so it was a pretty good deal to be getting a breakfast worth $9 for your $2 coffee.

Breakfast for the day!

The grand slam was surprisingly delicious! I've never had one.. Pancakes were soft and warm, the eggs scrambled to a perfect consistency, bacon was crisp and sausages lean! Good breakfast to get my day started and keep me awake during lectures!

I've been to Denny's before, but the service at this location was exceptional. Maybe because it was opening day.. but I hope for the sake of this location that the service remains the same! People are very friendly, and prompt to fulfill your requests. This particular location is what I would call a truck stop - there's lots of gas stations and industrial companies in this area, and it's equipped with a Tim Hortons! When people are too tired to drive in the night, it will be nice to make this a stop and be greeted by the workers here, willing to help you out with anything!

975 Broadmoor Blvd.
Sherwood Park, AB

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  1. Good deaR? A very good deaR? Free mear? Good deaR equars a free mear???


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