Love the Dove: Dovetail Delicatessen

April 24, 2015

If you're familiar with the Edmonton food truck scene, you'll know that Drift Food Truck makes a mean pork belly sandwich. I would actually say it's my favourite item served up by a food truck, so yes, it's pretty delicious. When I heard that Nevin and Kara Fenske, the minds behind Drift Food Truck, had secured a brick and mortar location last year I was absolutely ecstatic - pork belly sandwiches all the time for everyone!

Dovetail Delicatessen - 10721 124 Street - Edmonton AB

It's been months in the making, but the new Dovetail Delicatessen on vibrant 124 Street is finally open! Although it isn't the Drift Food Truck menu served out of a restaurant, fans of the truck will be happy to know that sandwiches are still the main offering on the menu. A daily roast is served in sandwich form, while a variety of salads, samosas, and dips are also available.

Dovetail is open Monday through Friday from 1030 AM - 630 PM, allowing for those working downtown to grab lunch and residents in the area to stop by for a casual dinner. The space is bright, the decor is simple, and I love the vintage accents placed around the restaurant. Whether you want to stay for your meal or grab something to go, you simply place your order up at the counter and you can watch your food be prepared in the open kitchen.

On the day of my visit the feature sandwich was a roast pork shoulder with garlic aioli and pickled jalapenos on a German bun ($8). The sandwich itself wasn't much to look at, but the combination was fantastic. The pork shoulder was moist and well-seasoned, while the tang from the aioli and jalapenos added a nice punch of flavour. I do wish the portion was a bit bigger, as the sandwich disappeared in no time and I was left wanting more - you definitely need something on the side for a substantial meal.

For a side I opted for the salad made with roasted butternut squash, corn, black bean, and arugula in an ancho chili and lime vinaigrette ($5). The salad was fresh and I enjoyed the contrast in textures and flavours between all the components. However, I was hoping to get more of a citrus tang from the vinaigrette as I couldn't quite find it.

Sandwich shops are gaining in popularity and I'm sure Dovetail Deli is being welcomed to 124 Street with open arms. The casual, laid-back vibe is inviting and makes it an easy choice to stop at and grab a bite to eat throughout the day. Drift Food Truck is known for their great sandwich combinations and use of local ingredients, and Dovetail Delicatessen will be no different. Drift Food Truck won't be disappearing off the streets of Edmonton this year, but it's nice to know there is a place to go and grab a tasty sandwich during the colder months!

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  1. Love the name - love the look of it. Hope the food is as good as everything else! Edmonton never ceases to produce great places like this....

  2. Hey Andrea, how are you? Hopefully, I'll get to Edmonton one day. Looks scrumptious!

    xo Jo

  3. Oh dear god! I wish we had food trucks and casual delicious eateries like that which are affordable here! I love pork sandwiches and that salad looked so good! Totally jealous of the places you visit! ERG!

  4. Looks soooo good! I want it right now!


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