#YEGNoodleSoups: Pho Tau Bay

January 03, 2015

In all the years that I've had this blog I've never once featured my go-to spot for pho here in Edmonton. Shocking, right? There's no better time than now with the #YEGNoodleSoups series! And since Edmonton is in the middle of a deep freeze, a hot bowl of pho is the perfect remedy for cold hands and feet!

Tau Bay Restaurant - 10660 98 Street NW - Edmonton AB

When I've got a hankering for a bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup Tau Bay is the spot that I head to first. My first visit was back in my junior high days when a girlfriend of mine introduced me to it, and memories of that meal still come back to me each time I visit. When you walk into the restaurant the first thing that hits you is the smell of the fragrant broth used in each bowl of their noodle soup. Tau Bay Restaurant serves only variations of pho noodle soup (and drinks) and nothing else - they've focused on their one specialty and execute it well every time.

Tau Bay Restaurant has a huge following in this city, and I remember the days when www.istaubayopen.com was a real website started by a local Tau Bay enthusiast. The site was made because Tau Bay is known to close randomly from time to time for family vacations back to Vietnam or just breaks for the whole restaurant staff. They don't run during the typical restaurant hours either, so you may anticipate a bowl of their noodle soup and become disappointed when you show up to a closed restaurant.

The pho here comes in twenty different variations, all different depending on combinations of meat in the bowl. Each bowl comes in a medium ($7.50) or large ($8.50) size garnished with cilantro, green onion and onion slices, served with a plate of bean sprouts, lime wedges, Thai basil and Thai red chilies. It's the standard fixins you get with your pho, and the pricing is on par with other Vietnamese restaurants in Chinatown.

What I find sets Tau Bay apart from the rest is the broth. The broth is fragrant, has a meaty depth to it and has just the right amount of fat that makes it smooth but not overly oily. There is a delicate sweetness to the broth that I really enjoy and the combination of herbs they use just suits my palate. The rice noodles are cooked to a nice al dente consistency and every bite is great down to the very last drop of soup. The staff are friendly, and like many other restaurants, you don't get much service. But for a restaurant where I just want to stop by to warm up quick with a bowl of noodle soup, Tau Bay Restaurant fits the bill.

King Noodle House is another Vietnamese restaurant in Chinatown loved by Edmontonians, and their pho is a close second for me. Where is your go-to pho place? Let me know and I would love to try it out!

Tau Bay Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Edmonton is a cold, snowy city for the majority of the year. During the winter months I'm always looking for ways to warm up from the cold, and nothing is more comforting to me than a bowl of steaming noodle soup. I'm going to be highlighting some of my favourite noodle soups in the city, and I'd love for you to share yours with me so I can try them too. Follow along with #YEGNoodleSoups and let the fun begin!

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  1. thats a great price for this big bowl , looks super delicious
    Keep in touch

  2. This looks soooo yummy! I love eating rice noodle soups with lots of fresh herbs!

  3. I have never actually tried Vietnamese food before, but this looks pretty good. Trying new food isn't something that is hard for me, so I would probably try a place like this anyway. Finding a good restaurant in your area is always awesome. Everyone wants a place close by where they can go and know they are going to get good food. http://www.atasteofsaigon.ca

  4. Hey there, I'm actually reviving the old istaubayopen site as I write this comment. Unfortunately, a domain squatter is sitting on the old domain and demanding over $1000 for it (oh well). I have purchased istaubayopen.ca and while I am putting the finishing touches on the new and improved design, anyone can view and use the site at http://dev.istaubayopen.ca/

    This new site design uses Twitter integrations so that it may become a more self sustainable site for all the Pho Tau Bay patrons. Please let your friends know as the increased awareness of this revival will help the entire Tau Bay community.


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