Five Safety Tips for Travelling with Jewelry

October 15, 2014

I've been doing quite a bit of travelling this year, and the one thing that always stumps me is how to properly pack and store my jewelry while I'm out and about exploring the world. Do you have any tips and tricks? The following tips will help you protect and manage your jewelry wherever you travel!

Travel Light
Select items that you can wear throughout the day or evening and choose the ones that go with most of your outfits. Keep a register of all your precious jewelry and make copies. Leave one at home and take one with you on your travels. A video or photograph of special pieces is also helpful for replacement or insurance purposes.

Purchase Inexpensive Jewelry
The risk of losing valuable pieces can cause stress during your vacation. A simple solution is to purchase jewelry items that have the appearance of real diamonds and gold, but are available at stores such as Michael Hill for a fraction of the cost. Fake diamonds look almost real, but with the advantage of no panic attack if they are stolen or get lost.

Travel Organizers
A travel organizer for your jewelry will help manage smaller pieces while avoiding damage to jewelry. Excessive exposure can harm items. Some metals may tarnish and scratch. Avoid excessive wear and tangled chains by placing items in a separate case. Check regularly in order to make sure that stones and clasps have not become loose or broken.

Keep Valuables with You
Place items in your carry-on luggage or wear pieces that are more expensive. Avoid placing any valuables in luggage that you plan to check at the airport. Slip necklaces beneath the neckline of your shirt and turn your diamond ring so that the stone doesn’t show. Carry personal belongings with you while checking into your hotel room.

Insure Valuables
Insurance policies can help protect valuables for a nominal amount. Reliable insurance will cover your fine jewelry wherever you go, assuring you peace of mind.

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  2. Great tips!! Thanks for sharing, jewelry is always difficult to store when traveling.

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  3. wonderful tips dear! Now that I think of it, I don't even wear expensive jewelry...the few pieces that I so have (that I have received as a present) I'm afraid to wear lest it get some fake bling is always good;)

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