Makeup Monday: Hana Pro 1" Flat Iron Review

August 19, 2013

Happy Monday! It's the start of a new week, and the start of my holidays, so let's make this post short & quick! This week I have something completely different to share with you - one of which I'm sure many of us ladies are familiar with: the hair straightener.

Two months ago, Misikko contacted me and offered to send me one of their best flat irons to try out and review. Misikko carries a wide range of salon grade flat irons and hair dryers, and I'm actually amazed with the fact that there are so many different ones available out there!

The one that I received is the Hana Professional 1" Ceramic Flat Iron with Tourmaline. The tourmaline component is incorporated into the ceramic plates that should hold up and never peel or split with use. Tourmaline itself is a mineral, and when used in the plates it generates a negative ion boost to give hair shine by neutralizing the positive ions in our hair to give healthy, smooth results. The flat iron promises to provide maximum frizz-free shine, and has "floating plates" so that it can glide over any amount of hair of any texture to straighten it. With the ability to flash heat between 140-450 degrees Fahrenheit, it seems to promise quite a bit.

After 2 months of testing out the Hana Pro flat iron, I have to say I quite enjoy it. Once the iron is turned on, it heats up almost instantly to the temperature I need. The plates guide very smoothly against my hair, without feeling like its pulling or gripping tightly onto my hair strands. It straightens my hair faster than any other iron I've purchased in the past, and the results are long lasting. My hair just feels so straight and smooth after use, and I would definitely recommend this iron!

Now this iron can be used with wet or dry hair, and it works equally as well for curling hair. I actually love using this for curling as it gets the job done so fast! This particular flat iron retails for $205, but is currently on sale at Misikko for $130! So take a look if you're interested - all flat irons from Hana come with a silicone heat proof mat and a heat resistant storage bag for safety and portability.

*Disclaimer: this post contains a sample provided by PR for consideration of a review

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  1. I just got a pair of flatirons and am a bit nervous , I normally leave my hair to air dry!

  2. The Hana flatiron looks awesome. Glad it works well Andrea :)

  3. I love their flat iron! I received mine a couple months ago and I've been using it ever since in replace of my Chi.. surprisingly!

    Great review!

    xo - Sheila

  4. It looks like an amazing product, best part is that it can also be used on wet hair... Will sure visit this online store..
    Dont forget to enter my giveaway.
    Keep in touch,

  5. really great! maybe we can follow each other?let me know <3

  6. Tools looks nice and easy to use . I think i need this one for make my hair straight . Thanks to share this post .

    hair straightener

  7. Thanks for sharing the info! I need a new flat Iron so definitely gonna check this one out!

  8. Thanks for all the info! I have one of these at home and in love with it!


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