Little Miss Frozen

February 13, 2013

H&M Jacket, Toque & Sweater | Old Navy Rockstar Jeans
Coach Bag (similar)& Boots (similar) | Tom Ford Nico Sunglasses

A little over a week ago, it was -40'C outside. Edmonton was literally just as cold as Siberia. What? I know, it sounds crazy to me too and I've lived here all my life! The only way to survive the conditions is basically layer, layer, layer. One of my favourite non-parka jackets to wear out into the cold is this peacoat from H&M. I love that the collar sits up and protects my neck from the cold, and adds some interest to the neckline. Add a toque and a punch of colour and I'm out the door - trying not to freeze into a human popsicle.

..................I can't wait for Spring!

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  1. you look so cute andrea! love your coat, hat, and oooh la la that BAG! it's gorgeous!

  2. You look adorable, Lil Miss Frozen! But I hope you thaw out soon xo

  3. -40 degrees?! That is f*cken COLD! The coldest temperature was in Calgary and that was just -26. I can't even begin to imagine how it feels like to be in that temperature. Looks like you stayed chic despite the weather :)

  4. Great outfit, love the pink shirt as a pop of color :D
    omg, -40 degrees, that's freezing cold... I don't know if I could bear with it... I hate the -10 degrees that we in Germany are hitting here... :S

  5. Oh wow sounds so cold!!! But you look so cute and layered up! ;) I love the bag!

    xo – Sheila
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  6. love this winter outfit of yours!
    so stylish
    and i think the bag is cool!
    style frontier

  7. really like ur style sweetie! thanks for ur visit and followed u back on GFC :D happy v day! new post is up sweets :D

  8. hey hun
    Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!
    I just found your blog ans I love it!
    really cute lay out and interestig post!
    Check my blog if you want and maybe we can follow each other:)
    I have also a GIVEAWAY hosted in my blog!

  9. Happy Valentine's Day Andrea! Very chic outfit. Seriously, I don't know how you guys survive in that weather. I don't think I'll ever leave the house. Lol. Have a great time tonight!

    xo Jo

    1. I never want to leave the house.. LOL. But sometimes it just can't be avoided haha

  10. OMG that is so cold!! I bet you are super excited for Spring. You are looking warm and chic though :)


  11. nice Pics
    I like your blog. What about following each other?


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