Four Eyes

December 23, 2012

I remember the first time I found out I needed glasses. It was in grade three, and I absolutely HATED wearing my glasses cause I thought they were so nerdy! No one else in my class had them, so I figured, why should I wear them? Except I sat at the back of the class and had to squint my eyes so hard to read the board, and in the process my eyes got worse and I couldn't get away with it anymore. BAM, four eyes.

Except no one really called me that, so things were okay. Over the years, glasses have become more and more popular as accessories rather than necessities, and nerdy glasses are all the rage. I've come across people wearing glasses with no lenses, or glasses without a prescription for the sole purpose of accessorizing. Just putting on a different set of frames can instantly upgrade your look, whether it be modern, sexy, vintage or geeky. Possibilities are endless. I personally love the nerdy look (I feel so much smarter during exams when I wear glasses!) but I haven't found the right pair of nerdy glasses until recently.

When Firmoo contacted me to try out a pair of their glasses, it was the perfect opportunity for me to end my search for nerdy frames. I've never ordered glasses for myself online, and didn't imagine the process to be so streamlined and straightforward. Or at least it was with Firmoo. All you need is your glasses prescription and pupil distance (most important!) and the ability to imagine what the glasses would look like on your face. And if you really can't do that, they have a virtual system for you to try them on your own face.

For myself, I picked out a square frame style - which I believe is currently sold out! Sad news. But on the flip side, there are two styles that are similar to those that I chose: here and here. After sending in my information, I received the glasses in the mail in under a week and tried them on. While they needed some adjusting to sit properly on my face, I'd say I upped my nerd factor and maybe some of my intelligence ;) They are little heavy since I have a strong prescription, but they offer plenty of different lens options to customize your glasses. Overall, I'm pretty impressed with Firmoo's level of service and product quality! They've got great prices that you can't really say no to, but there's something even better I can tell you about.

The company has recently launched a program where you can get your first pair absolutely free (1.5 index single vision lenses included). There's not much to lose, so hop on over to their website and take a look if you're in the market for a pair of glasses! The offer is valid on glasses, sunglasses, and goggles, so here's a quick link for you to check out and pick out something new for yourself! I'm really loving these tortoise shell frames :)

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  1. Good choice, Andrea!

    xo Jo

  2. super-cute!
    i will def have to try for my next pair
    su :)

  3. I love the pair you picked Andrea! Super cute on you! :)

    Merry Christmas!

    xo - Sheila

  4. Those look so cute on you! I was in 1st grade when I started wearing mine. So I've been wearing glasses for a longggggggg time. HAHAHA And contacts!

  5. Hi Andrea!

    Just stumbled upon your blog tonight & was reading some of your beauty box comparisons... then found this post and ended up ordering a pair of *free* glasses, lol. Thanks!

  6. You still look beautiful even with glasses on! That's a perfect pick, Ms. Andrea!

  7. Just wandering around your blog and it's making me really hungry. I have family in Edmonton and am going to keep your blog as a restaurant reference for my next trip because girl you know whats up. Had to stop though and say these glasses work so well on your face frame, I see a lot of people trying to work the nerdy glasses trend except the glasses they pick don't actually fit or suit their face shape/size but these are perfect on you. Major props.

    Style By Eye

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