Dining Abroad: Ajisen Ramen

September 20, 2012

Flashback. It's been a whole 3 months since I left Hong Kong. I never really thought about it until now, but wow, time REALLY has flown by this year.

Ajisen Ramen - Langham Place - Kowloon, Hong Kong

The first real meal I had after arriving in Hong Kong was at Ajisen Ramen in Langham Place. While there are many options available, it was a colder day and a bowl of hot noodle soup was in order.

Ajisen Ramen is HUGE in Asia. It started out in Japan, and has grown into a large "fast food" style chain restaurant across the globe - Canada, the United States and even Australia have some locations to call their own. They've won awards for their dishes, and I remember coming home after my Asia trip seeing that they won an award for the best ramen in Hong Kong. That's a big accomplishment.

We arrived shortly after lunch time at about 1:00 in the afternoon, and the restaurant was packed! Groups of people both big and small eagerly awaited their meals at their tables, and I just loved the energy of the staff that were working. Seriously, Asians are so efficient. Off the lunch menu, we ordered a set lunch for two people, which included two appetizers, two mains, and two drinks for $148 Hong Kong Dollars. This rougly equates to about $19 CAD/USD, which to me is such a good deal!

Our first appetizer was the Crab Meat and Crab Roe salad. While I had expected to be way more "crab" (it was fake crab!), I liked having the crunch of the cucumber in the dish. Tobiko (flying fish roe) topped the salad, which is one of my favourite toppings out there. Loved this.

The second appetizer was a plate of Japanese Dumplings (gyoza) - I was a little confused at first since no sauce was served with them, until noticing there's quite a few condiments available for you to use at the table. There's an amazing soya sauce vinegar mix that was soo good with the dumplings. The gyoza themselves are great, but so much better with the sauce.

So this is what I had been waiting for. Tender Rib Ramen, and it really was a fantastic bowl of noodle soup. The noodles were perfectly cooked, being soft, but still with bite and elasticity to them - not to mention they did not become soggy over the course of enjoying the bowl of ramen. The ribs were so tender and flavourful, and the seaweed added additional chewy texture. The broth was tasty and I wasn't too thirsty after the meal - a definite winner.

Beef Ramen in Tomato Soup

While Langham Place is a great location (given the amount of food traffic daily), it also means that wait times for both a seat and for food is going to be longer. We found ourselves having a bit of time inbetween the appetizers and mains.. and being a tourist doesn't exactly mean you have work to do while you wait. Luckily, Langham Place has free wifi for those of us that have the need to stay connected while abroad. I definitely enjoyed the meal at Ajisen and wouldn't hesistate to visit another one in the future!

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  1. Omg.. the food looks amazingly delicious! I'm so hungry right now. >.< I love ramen!! I hope one day to go visit Hong Kong!

    xo - Sheila


  2. wow, the kyoza and the ramen look sooooo good!
    today's kinda gloomy and windy here in the nyc, hearty bowl of ramen would be perfect actually. :)

  3. lovely!they all look delicous.great blog btw.

  4. Yum, the food looks delicious! The ramen looks so tasty.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. Hey Andrea, I stayed at the Langham hotel and I eat there quite often. Did you try Toast Box? I usually have my breakfast there. Love their coffee.

    xo Jo


    1. I didn't try Toast Box.. but I did have something similar to it in Vancouver!

  6. haha love the mix of food and fashion!
    my two favorite things!
    fab blog i have followed!
    it would be great if you follow back and keep in touch

  7. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    the food looks sooo good, your photos had me drooling hahaha

  8. Oh yummy! :)


  9. nomssss!! i love ajisen ramen! i had it for the first time when i was in LA a few years ago.. and then i found out they were opening up in san fran i was soooo excited.. but unfortunately they opened 1 month before i left for germany :( so i only got to eat it once before i left BOOO!! and they were still working out the kinks.. so it wasn't as good as when i had it in LA.. so lucky! your meal looked soo good!

    1. Oh noo! It's always so hard finding a good ramen place - theres literally none where I live! Hopefully you'll find something really good over in Germany!

  10. I tried Ajisen in San Francisco, so good!


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