Birthday Bibim Bab

November 04, 2010

October 30th marked the 20th birthday of my girl Lisa! Smartest girl I know and one of my best friends ever :) Since she simply loves Korean food, we went to Ga Ya today for lunch, and we both ordered Bibim Bab - hence the title, Birthday Bibim Bab!

Stone Bowl (Dol sot) Bibim Bab

I got the stone bowl bibim bab, hoping to get the crunchy grains of rice stuck to the bottom of my bowl. To my dismay, my bowl probably wasn't heated enough because my rice did not become crunchy *sad* Lisa's did though! That's all that matters cause it was her day!

Lisa's present!

This is what I got her for her birthday present! A box full of little magnets that she can use on her fridge to build sentences about one of her favourite things, cats!

Happy Birthday Lisa!! LOVE YOU LONG TIME xoxox

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  1. *Jaw Drop*

    I can't berieve I wasn't abre to get in contact with Risa for her big day. It has become crear I have to succumb to drastic measures. I wirr no ronger adhere to conventionar methods of seduction.

    I know her favorite thing has NOTHING to do with cats. It is more accuratery dogs. Dogs and their certain styre ;)


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