Winter Break To Do List!

December 30, 2010

I've got 2.5 weeks, let's see how this goes!

- catch up on my blog entries
- get my shoes topy-soled
- fix my laptop that crashed
- watch tons of movies!
- clean up my closet, donate my old clothes!
- pick up a new winter jacket
- wrap all Christmas gifts
- Make truffles
- Make a cheesecake
- Make cream puffs
- Host a party!
- Buy a new yoga mat
- Yoga at least 3x
- Take Andrew to try Basil Leaf
- Hit up Mikado for some tataki & dragon eyes
- Print vacation pictures
- Clean my room!!
- Catch up on all the shows I missed (Glee, HIMYM, House, CSI, Gossip Girl)
- Get my Jeans Hemmed
- Christmas Party with the Girls
- Hot Pot with Cherry & Jodi
- Mount TV on the wall

I will italicize everything I have done!

ETA January 10, 2011 .. I think I was pretty productive, don'tcha think? ;)

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