Garden Party: Colour Splash

September 18, 2014

Campre Law Dress (via WORKHALL) | Coach Harlee Heel + Clutch + Sunglasses (similar)
Coach + F21 Rings | H&M Belt

As a little girl I loved having my own little tea parties. Animals seated around the table, sipping their tea and eating their scones. Nowadays tea parties aren't my thing, but garden parties? You bet. A few weeks ago Blink Edmonton announced that they would be hosting a garden party in one of the most beautiful gardens here in Edmonton - at the Fairmont Hotel MacDonald. With the intent of fundraising for the Edmonton Humane Society, I didn't hesitate to purchase a ticket!

During the time leading up to the event I had no idea what to wear. I knew I wanted something bright that screamed summer, and the pieces in my closet weren't cutting it. Do you ever stare at your closet full of clothes and feel you have nothing to wear? It's the worst feeling! One day I walked into one of my favourite local boutiques and strolled around aimlessly. Nothing on the racks had captured my interest. As I turned around and was about to leave, this dress was off to the side and immediately caught my eye. The feminine silhouette featuring the blue and pink splatter against the crisp white fabric was just the right amount of girly. Once the dress was zipped up it fit like it was made just for me. Perfection.

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  1. Love your dress :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. what a beautiful dress with a splash of color
    keep in touch

  3. Great post! I love the dress!


  4. Love the colours, Andrea! I haven't talk to you in a while, how was your summer?

    xo Jo

  5. What a beautiful dress dear :D

  6. Haha, don't we all look into our full closet and think we have nothing special? Or nothing much! I love the outfit, simple and yes, the splashing of the color is so fun and pretty!

  7. Party pretty dress. Andrea, you look so adorable and the dress fits you so well. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  8. aw look at those flowers at the background! i bet those and that dress that your wore in the event are much prettier in person! <3

    PS : i get that i dont have anything to wear moments too lol!

  9. Omg such a pretty dress Andrea! Love the watercolors. :)

    xo - Sheila

  10. Oh very beautiful dress, very cute outfit!


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