Through the Red Door: Little Brick Cafe & General Store

August 23, 2015

Cafes are popping up all over the city, so it can be a difficult decision when it comes to picking out the perfect spot for your caffeine fix. But if you ask me, there's one spot that's caught my attention, and you can find it inside a historic house in the quaint community of Riverdale.

Little Brick Cafe & General Store - 10004 90 Street - Edmonton AB

Little Brick is the newest addition to the empire of cafes owned by Nate Box, and is the little sister to Elm Cafe, District Coffee Co., and Burrow. The historic home currently occupied by Little Brick belonged to that of J.B. Little, a brickyard owner in the late 1800s/early 1900s. The home was passed from one generation to the next, until it ultimately became a storefront in the early 2000s, and later turned over for rent. Nate Box spotted the space last summer and with his business partners decided that the space had the potential to engage and fit the needs of the surrounding community. From there, Little Brick Cafe was born. Given that the brickworks industry defined the Riverdale area, it was only right to have the name of the space pay homage to that of it's original builder and inhabitant.

Once you step inside the building, you're invited in by the smell of pastries and freshly brewed coffee. To the left you can find a wide variety of locally made goods in the general store. The shelves carry coffee beans brought in from Phil & Sebastian, Four Barrel, and Bows & Arrows, and there's an assortment of coffeeware available to help you brew the perfect cup at home. There's locally made kitchenware, serveware, bakeware, and even local art available for purchase - there are so many gems sitting on the shelves waiting to be discovered, and it's great to see the support that businesses have for one another.

To the right of the entranceway you will find seating in the dining and living rooms. The interior of the house has been renovated to give it a modern feel, but amongst the navy blue walls and geometric chairs, distinct pieces of history like the exposed brick and fireplace in the living room remain.

I stopped by Little Brick a few weeks ago after their new menu launch and was pretty excited about the new dishes available. Tartine's are becoming increasingly popular on menus these days, and Little Brick has a couple versions available. I ordered the Duck Tartine ($12) made with thyme butter and rhubarb, topped with local haskaps and served with a side salad. The duck was well seasoned, and almost pate-like in texture. The side salad was well-dressed and refreshing, and all together this dish made for a tasty light lunch option.

My friend ordered the Breakfast Sandwich ($10) off the breakfast menu (which is available all day!), which came with the same side salad I had. Bacon, greens, and a sunny side up egg were sandwiched between two soft slices of brioche, and made for a filling meal too.

We also had a side order of the Coconut Rice Pudding ($4) made with almond milk and orange zest. To my surprise, the pudding was served warm, but it was delicious nonetheless. It was quite a comforting bowl, and I really enjoyed the strong orange fragrance with each bite.

The community of Riverdale has welcomed Little brick to the neighborhood with open arms, and this cafe has definitely increased the foot traffic in the area too. Little Brick has the capacity to host large group meetings and private events, and for the summer they have begun hosting neighborhood BBQs every Saturday afternoon. With a location close to the River Valley, ample seating, and a large backyard space to accommodate dining al fresco, Little Brick is one of my new favourite spots to visit! Stop by for some coffee or a snack, and go exploring in this neat Edmonton community.

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  1. OOOOoo... duck tartine sounds really good about now! I can use some kind of rilette right now! Also that pudding looks and sounds amazing, I know rice puddings aren't hard to make so I need to give a recipe a go sometime!


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