See You at the Wood(work)

December 18, 2013

It's been a busy couple weeks with school, work and the holiday season, but I had a chance to sneak out for lunch last week and catch up with an old friend. I had been anticipating the opening of Woodwork for the longest time, so when they announced their first lunch service I had to get myself there.

Woodwork - 10132 100 Street - Edmonton AB

Woodwork is the joint venture between the people behind Nomad and The Volstead Act. As a team the restaurant is working towards sustainability and is commmitted to making as much as possible in house. Their cuisine is described as Southern BBQ with French influences, which is pretty unique in itself.

Natural light peeks into the dimly lit restaurant furnished with modern decor. At one end of the restaurant an array of bottles lines the shelves at the bar and is completed with a ladder to reach the higher shelves. At the other end, diners can catch a glimpse of the kitchen and the endless supply of wood blocks for wood-fired cooking. I'm not going to lie, it's got a bit of a hipster vibe going on.

The Volstead Act specialized in cocktails, so I'm sure there's plenty of offerings on the menu that can pique your interest. But for lunch we chose to order some of the house-made sodas. I ordered myself the Black Walnut Lemonade ($4) made with orgeat, lemon & black walnut bitters, while my friend went for the Celery Soda ($4), both of which were light and refreshing.

First up to our table was the Pork Pie with Gull Valley Tomato Chow Chow and a side of Clam Chowder with house made bacon & cheddar biscuit croutons ($15). The pork was nicely seasoned and wrapped up in flaky layers of pie crust. The chow chow (a form of relish) also added some crunch and refreshing flavour. Out of all the items on the plate though, the soup is what I enjoyed the most. The chowder was chunky, packed full of vegetables and wasn't too thick in consistency. The smoky notes from the bacon gave it some extra flavour, making it comfort food at its finest on a cold day. I would happily sit and have bowl after bowl of this chowder.

For myself, I ordered the Hangar Steak Sandwich with Confit Tomato & Red Wine Reduction with side of Hickory Frites ($15). Presentation of the dish was beautiful and it tasted just as good (if not better) as it looked! Tender, juicy steak cooked medium rare, sliced and presented as an open faced sandwich with a slightly tangy reduction was the perfect lunch for me. The bread was incredibly soft with a crunchy crust, and the tomatoes sliced open were sweet and juicy. The light tarragon aoili served with the fries on the side was delicious as well.

To finish our lunch, we were served with their complimentary dessert for the day: Pistachio Shortbread & a Smoked Chocolate Truffle. The shortbread was crumbly, soft and studded with pistachios. It wasn't too sweet and had a slight saltiness which I really enjoyed. The smoked truffle on the other hand was decadent. Smooth and rich with an ever so slight smoky flavour, it was a decadent way to end the meal.

With a commitment to local, sustainable ingredients, the menu changes every few days. I am loving the fact that Woodwork is posting their updated menu on their website (here), so that diners are able to peruse the daily offerings before heading into the restaurant. For lunch, all the selections are $15 and include a small complimentary dessert at the end. Great deal if you ask me! The service is friendly and the food is delicious - what are you waiting for? Check them out when you have the chance.

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  1. Restaurant looks so good and food looks yummy.. :)
    I am inviting you to enter my $50 Persunmall giveaway.

  2. I've heard great things about this place and I loved reading your take on it! Thanks :)

  3. Andrea, the food looks delicious!

    xo Jo

  4. Nice pictures, this looks delicious!
    Would you like to follow each other dear?


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