Manicure Monday: Peace & Love & OPI

September 16, 2013

Happy Monday! It's the start of a new week, and the weather in my city has been absolutely gorgeous over the last few days - I have no complaints. Except maybe about all the buzz going around the Miss America selection. Seriously, some people need to stop with the racism and grow up. That is all I have to say.

Peace & Love & OPI. Why can't we just all get along and have beautiful manicures? If only. This gorgeous duochrome shade is from the current OPI San Francisco collection, and I couldn't stop playing around with my nails this week, changing the angles and watching the colours change. Thinking about it now, I probably looked like a crazy person, moving my hands around and staring at my nails. Polish fanatic problems. This fine shimmer polish shifts from evergreen to eggplant purple, with a bit of steel blue inbetween, and is pigmented enough to only need 2 coats for smooth, level application. I had great chip-free wear on my nails for up to 4 days, and definitely see myself coming back to this great shade for Fall. Love!

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  1. That's a beautiful color! I really love it! I love the dynamic shade! "Why can't we all just get along and have beautiful manicures?" That's very true!


  2. So pretty! Your nails pics are so nice. I have a problem taking pics of them. Lol.

    xo Jo

  3. nice colour! metallics are hot

  4. love this shade. your mani is very neat.

  5. Oh really lovely and cute color dear!

  6. It's a beautiful color Andrea! I can't believe what people are saying about the new Miss America. It's horrendous and embarrassing.

  7. Peace & Love & OPI. Why can't we just all get along and have beautiful manicures? - amen! :) this color reminds me of a certain precious stone.. i cant remember the name aaaaah

  8. This is a gorgeous shade for fall! I love it :)


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